Other namesSumqaq
AbodeWorld of Darkness
OffspringRuha, Zahreil

In Mandaeism, Qin (Classical Mandaic: ࡒࡉࡍ) is the mother of Ruha and Zahreil, and grandmother of Ur in the World of Darkness (alma ḏ-hšuka) or underworld. In Mandaean texts, she is frequently mentioned as the "queen of darkness." One of her epithets is Sumqaq (Classical Mandaic: ࡎࡅࡌࡒࡀࡒ), which also refers to a well of polluted water in the World of Darkness. Her husband is the demon Anathan.[1]

In Book 5 of the Right Ginza, Qin gives her daughter Zahreil for Hibil Ziwa to marry.[2]


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