Left: A Mandaean wearing a burzinqa (turban) and pandama (cloth covering the mouth) with a margna (staff), at a 2019 Parwanaya festival in Maysan Governorate, Iraq
Place of originsouthern Iraq and southwestern Iran

The pandama (Classical Mandaic: ࡐࡀࡍࡃࡀࡌࡀ) is a mouth-veil worn by Mandaean men during baptismal ceremonial rituals. It is the lower end of a cloth wrapped around the mouth and lower face to protect from water during immersion. The upper end of the cloth is used as a turban (burzinqa).[1]

In the Qolasta

Further information: Qolasta § List of prayers

Several prayers in the Qolasta are recited when putting on and loosening the pandama, including prayers 7 and 55.[2]

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