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In Mandaeism, Zahreil or Zahrʿil (Classical Mandaic: ࡆࡀࡄࡓࡏࡉࡋ) is the daughter of Qin, sister of Ruha, and mother of Ptahil. According to Book 5 of the Right Ginza, during Hibil Ziwa's descent to the World of Darkness (alma d-hšuka) or underworld, he marries Zahreil, who then gives birth to the creator of the material universe, Ptahil.[1][2]

Zahreil is a lilith (Classical Mandaic: ࡋࡉࡋࡉࡕࡀ, romanized: lilita) from the World of Darkness who dwells in the beds of pregnant women[3] serving to ensure the wellbeing of the child before and after birth; E. S. Drower describes her as a genius of childbirth.[4]: 46 

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