Adathan and Yadathan
Guardians of the Gate of Life
AbodeWorld of Light

In Mandaeism, Adathan (Classical Mandaic: ࡀࡃࡀࡕࡀࡍ) and Yadathan (Classical Mandaic: ࡅࡀࡃࡀࡕࡀࡍ) are a pair of uthras (angel or guardian)[1]: 8  who stand at the Gate of Life in the World of Light (Right Ginza 15.8),[2] praising and worshipping Hayyi Rabbi (Qolasta prayer 77).[3] In the Ginza Rabba and Qolasta, they are always mentioned together.[4] Book 14 of the Right Ginza mentions Adathan and Yadathan as the guardians of the "first river" (yardna qadmayya).[2]

Along with Shilmai and Nidbai, Adathan and Yadathan are among the most frequently invoked uthras in Mandaean prayers, such as in the Asiet Malkia.[5]

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