Other namesZahrun
AbodeWorld of Light
TextsZihrun Raza Kasia

Zihrun (Classical Mandaic: ࡆࡉࡄࡓࡅࡍ, lit.'he [the Life] warned me'; sometimes also spelled Zahrun or Zahroon), is an uthra (angel or guardian) in the World of Light.[1] He is the main subject of the Mandaean scroll Zihrun Raza Kasia.[2]

The uthra Zhir (meaning 'secured') is often mentioned as part of a pair with Zihrun.[1]

Zihrun is also a Mandaean male given name. Well-known historical Mandaean priests named Zihrun include the 19th-century priest Ram Zihrun.

In Mandaean scriptures

Zihrun is mentioned in Right Ginza 4 as Zihrun-Uthra (also called Yusmir-Kana, with Kana meaning 'source' or 'place') and Right Ginza 8,[1] and in Mandaean Book of John 62 as a "morning star."[3][4]

Qolasta prayers 2, 3, 240, and 319 mention him as Zihrun Raza ("Zihrun the Mystery"). He is described as an uthra of radiance, light, and glory in Qolasta prayers 2 and 3, with prayer 2 mentioning Manda d-Hayyi as an emanation of Zihrun. Qolasta prayers 332, 340, 341, and 374 mention him as the name for a drabsha (banner), and prayer 347 mentions him as Zihrun-Šašlamiel.[5]

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