Other namesGubran Uthra
AbodeWorld of Light
Battlesbattle against Yushamin

In Mandaeism, Gubran (Classical Mandaic: ࡂࡅࡁࡓࡀࡍ) is an uthra (angel or guardian). He is also referred to as Gubran Uthra. Guban is the female consort of Gubran.

In Mandaean scriptures

See also: Yushamin § Rebellion

In the Mandaean Book of John, Gubran Uthra helps Nbaṭ lead a rebellion against Yushamin and his 21 sons. Chapter 3 mentions Gubran's vehicle as Paraheil, a heavenly steed or warhorse.[1]

Gubran is also mentioned in Right Ginza 5.1 as one of the uthras appointed over the north by Yawar Ziwa to watch over Ur.[2]

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