Taolu World Cup
GenreGlobal sports event
Most recent2018
Organised byIWUF
WebsiteOfficial website
Taolu World Cup
Simplified Chinese武术套路世界杯
Traditional Chinese武術套路世界盃
Hanyu PinyinWǔshù Tàolù Shìjièbēi

The Taolu World Cup is an elite-level international sports championship hosted by the International Wushu Federation (IWUF) for the sport of wushu taolu.[1] Athletes qualify by placing in the top-eight of a standard taolu event at the prior World Wushu Championships.[2] Renditions in 2016[3] and 2018[4] have been held so far with the 3rd Taolu World Cup being rescheduled first for 2022, but later for 2024.[5]


Year Edition Location Events First of the medal table Second of the medal table Third of the medal table
2016 1 China Fuzhou, Fujian, China 22  China  Hong Kong  Indonesia
2018 2 Myanmar Yangon, Myanmar 22  Hong Kong  China  Malaysia
2024 3 Japan Yokohama, Japan TBD Future Event

Medal table

Last updated after the 2nd Taolu World Cup in 2018.

1 China (CHN)130013
2 Hong Kong (HKG)115319
3 Malaysia (MAS)66416
4 Indonesia (INA)4138
5 Macau (MAC)34613
6 Japan (JPN)25512
7 Chinese Taipei (TPE)1708
8 Vietnam (VIE)1438
9 Russia (RUS)1427
10 Myanmar (MYA)1225
11 Ukraine (UKR)1203
12 Iran (IRI)0134
13 India (IND)0112
 Philippines (PHI)0112
 Singapore (SGP)0112
16 United States (USA)0033
17 Italy (ITA)0022
 South Korea (KOR)0022
19 Spain (ESP)0011
 Uzbekistan (UZB)0011
Totals (20 entries)444443131


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