Roller Derby World Cup
Tournament information
SportRoller derby
Month playedDecember to February
Number of
FormatRanking matches and knockout
Current champion
 United States

The Roller Derby World Cup is an international women's roller derby tournament formerly organized by Blood & Thunder magazine,[1][2] and currently organized by the Roller Derby World Cup Committee. Teams of amateur skaters from around the world compete for their respective nations.


The inaugural 2011 Roller Derby World Cup was hosted by Toronto Roller Derby,[3] and was held December 1 through 4, 2011, at The Bunker at Downsview Park in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.[1][2] It was won by Team USA, who beat Team Canada by a score of 336 points to 33 in the final.[4] Live online coverage of the event was broadcast on the Derby News Network.[5]

The 2014 Roller Derby World Cup took place December 4 through 7, 2014, in Dallas, Texas.[6] Team USA repeated their victory, this time defeating Team England in the final 219–105. For the 2014 event, the complete live online coverage was broadcast by Blood and Thunder magazine, through the official Roller Derby World Cup website.[7]

The 2018 Roller Derby World Cup was held in early February 2018, hosted by Rainy City Roller Derby, in Greater Manchester, England.[8][9] On this occasion, USA Roller Derby defeated Team Australia (roller derby) in the final.[10]


Year Host Winners Score Runners-up Third Place Score Fourth Place Teams
2011 Toronto  United States 336–33  Canada  England 203–85  Australia 13
2014 Dallas  United States 219–105  England  Australia 197–128  Canada 30
2018 Manchester  United States 187–146  Australia  Canada 173–147  England 38


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