UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup
2022–23 UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup
Race details
RegionEurope, North America
History (men)
First edition1993 (1993)
First winner Paul Herygers (BEL)
Most wins Sven Nys (BEL) (6 wins)
Most recent Laurens Sweeck (BEL)
History (women)
First edition2005 (2005)
First winner Daphny van den Brand (NED)
Most wins Daphny van den Brand (NED)
 Sanne Cant (BEL) (3 wins)
Most recent Fem van Empel (NED)

The UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup is a season-long competition in cyclo-cross, organised by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI). First held in the 1993–1994 season, there are currently five awards, tailored to the different categories of riders: Men Elite, Women Elite, Men Under 23, Women Under 23, and Men Junior.

The World Cup is not to be confused with the World Championship, also organised by the UCI, which is a single one day race that awards the winner with a rainbow jersey to be worn in every race till the next World Championship. Typically the World Championships are held a week or two after the end of the World Cup at the end of January or early February.

In November 2014 the first round of the World Cup ever to take place outside mainland Europe was held in Milton Keynes, England.[1] The following September, the CrossVegas competition was incorporated into the World Cup for the first time, becoming the first World Cup round to be held in the United States.[2]

Overall series winners



Year Country Rider Team
1993–94  Belgium Paul Herygers
1994–95  Italy Daniele Pontoni
1995–96  Italy Luca Bramati
1996–97  Netherlands Adri van der Poel
1997–98  Netherlands Richard Groenendaal
1998–99  Belgium Mario De Clercq
1999–2000  Belgium Sven Nys
2000–01  Netherlands Richard Groenendaal
2001–02  Belgium Sven Nys
2002–03  Belgium Bart Wellens
2003–04  Netherlands Richard Groenendaal (3)
2004–05  Belgium Sven Nys
2005–06  Belgium Sven Nys
2006–07  Belgium Sven Nys
2007–08 Not awarded for individuals
2008–09  Belgium Sven Nys (6)
2009–10  Czech Republic Zdeněk Štybar
2010–11  Belgium Niels Albert
2011–12  Belgium Kevin Pauwels
2012–13  Belgium Niels Albert (2)
2013–14  Netherlands Lars van der Haar Rabobank Development Team
2014–15  Belgium Kevin Pauwels (2)
2015–16  Belgium Wout van Aert Vastgoedservice–Golden Palace
2016–17  Belgium Wout van Aert Crelan–Vastgoedservice
Vérandas Willems–Crelan
2017–18  Netherlands Mathieu van der Poel Beobank–Corendon
2018–19  Belgium Toon Aerts Telenet–Fidea Lions
2019–20  Belgium Toon Aerts (2) Telenet–Baloise Lions
2020–21  Belgium Wout van Aert (3) Team Jumbo–Visma
2021–22  Belgium Eli Iserbyt Pauwels Sauzen–Bingoal
2022–23  Belgium Laurens Sweeck Crelan-Fristads


Year Country Rider Team
2005–06  Netherlands Daphny van den Brand
2006–07  Germany Hanka Kupfernagel
2007–08 Not awarded for individuals
2008–09  Germany Hanka Kupfernagel (2)
2009–10  Netherlands Daphny van den Brand
2010–11  Netherlands Sanne van Paassen
2011–12  Netherlands Daphny van den Brand (3)
2012–13  United States Katie Compton
2013–14  United States Katie Compton (2) Trek Cyclocross Collective
2014–15  Belgium Sanne Cant
2015–16  Belgium Sanne Cant
2016–17  Netherlands Sophie de Boer Kalas–NNOF
2017–18  Belgium Sanne Cant (3) IKO–Beobank
2018–19  Netherlands Marianne Vos WaowDeals Pro Cycling
2019–20  Netherlands Annemarie Worst 777
2020–21  Netherlands Lucinda Brand Baloise–Trek Lions
2021–22  Netherlands Lucinda Brand (2) Baloise–Trek Lions
2022–23  Netherlands Fem van Empel Team Jumbo–Visma

Under-23 Men

Year Country Rider Team
2008–09  Germany Philipp Walsleben
2009–10  Belgium Tom Meeusen
2010–11  Netherlands Lars van der Haar
2011–12  Netherlands Lars van der Haar
2012–13  Belgium Wietse Bosmans
2013–14  Netherlands Mathieu van der Poel BKCP–Powerplus
2014–15  Belgium Michael Vanthourenhout Sunweb–Napoleon Games
2015–16  Belgium Eli Iserbyt Telenet–Fidea
2016–17  Netherlands Joris Nieuwenhuis Rabobank Development Team
2017–18  Great Britain Tom Pidcock Telenet–Fidea Lions
2018–19  Great Britain Tom Pidcock TP Racing
2019–20  Switzerland Kevin Kuhn
2020–21  Great Britain Thomas Mein [4]
2021–22  Netherlands Mees Hendrikx
2022–23  Belgium Thibau Nys Baloise–Trek Lions


Rank Country Total Men's Women's Men's U23
1  Belgium 28 20 3 5
2  Netherlands 21 6 10 5
3  Italy 2 2
4  Germany 3 2 1
5  United States 2 2
6  United Kingdom 3 3
7  Switzerland 1 1
8  Czech Republic 1 1


Race Country 00–01 01–02 02–03 03–04 04–05 05–06 06–07 07–08 08–09 09–10 10–11 11–12 12–13 13–14 14–15 15–16 16–17 17–18 18–19 19-20 20-21 21-22 22-23
Antwerp  Belgium Xp Xp
Dendermonde  Belgium
Diegem  Belgium Xp
Heusden-Zolder  Belgium WC WC
Hofstade  Belgium
Hooglede-Gits  Belgium WC
Kalmthout  Belgium
Koksijde  Belgium WC Xw Xp
Namur  Belgium
Overijse  Belgium
Wortegem-Petegem  Belgium
Zonhoven  Belgium Xp
Plzeň  Czech Republic
Tábor  Czech Republic WC WC WC
Bogense  Denmark WC
Besançon  France Xp
Flamanville  France
Lanarvilly  France
Liévin  France
Lignières-en-Berry  France
Nommay  France
Pontchâteau  France WC
Roubaix  France
Frankfurt  Germany
Sankt-Wendel  Germany WC WC
Zeven  Germany
Dublin  Ireland Xp
Bergamo  Italy
Milan  Italy
Monopoli  Italy WC
Rome (Fiuggi)  Italy
Treviso  Italy WC
Turin  Italy
Val di Sole  Italy
Bieles  Luxembourg WC
Leudelange  Luxembourg
Beekse Bergen  Netherlands
Heerlen  Netherlands
Hoogerheide  Netherlands WC WC Xp WC
Hulst  Netherlands
Pijnacker  Netherlands
Rucphen  Netherlands
Valkenburg  Netherlands WC
Zeddam  Netherlands WC
Igorre  Spain
Benidorm  Spain
Aigle  Switzerland
Bern  Switzerland
Villars  Switzerland Xp
Wetzikon  Switzerland
Milton Keynes  United Kingdom
Fayetteville, Arkansas  United States WC
Iowa  United States
Las Vegas  United States
Louisville  United States WC
Waterloo  United States Xp
Total 6 6 5 6 11 11 11 9 9 9 8 8 8 7 6 7 8 9 9 9 14 5 16 14


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