World Para Volleyball Championship, was played first time at 1983.

WOVD World Championships

Sitting volleyball

Men's Sitting - Past winners


Year Location Gold Silver Bronze
Netherlands 1983 Delden  Netherlands  Germany  Finland
Norway 1985 Kristiansand  Iran  Yugoslavia  Netherlands
Hungary 1986 Pécs  Iran  Hungary  Netherlands
United States 1989 Las Vegas  Netherlands  Hungary  Germany
Netherlands 1990 Assen  Iran  Netherlands  Yugoslavia
Germany 1994 Bottrop  Iran  Norway  Netherlands
Iran 1998 Tehran  Iran  Finland  Bosnia and Herzegovina
Egypt 2002 Cairo  Bosnia and Herzegovina  Germany  Iran
Netherlands 2006 Roermond  Bosnia and Herzegovina  Iran  Egypt
United States 2010 Edmond  Iran  Bosnia and Herzegovina  Egypt
Poland 2014 Elblag  Bosnia and Herzegovina  Brazil  Iran
Netherlands 2018 Arnhem  Iran  Bosnia and Herzegovina  Brazil
Bosnia and Herzegovina 2022 Sarajevo Iran Iran Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Brazil Brazil
1 Iran81211
2 Bosnia and Herzegovina3317
3 Netherlands2136
4 Germany0213
5 Hungary0202
6 Brazil0123
7 Finland0112
9 Norway0101
10 Egypt0022
Totals (10 entries)13131339

Women's Sitting - Past winners

Year Location Gold Silver Bronze
Netherlands 1994 Delten  Netherlands  Latvia  Lithuania
Netherlands 2000 Maastricht  Netherlands  Finland  Slovenia
Slovenia 2002 Kamnik  Netherlands  Slovenia  Finland
Netherlands 2006 Roermond  Netherlands  China  Slovenia
United States 2010 Edmond  China  United States  Ukraine
Poland 2014 Elblag  China  United States  Russia
Netherlands 2018 Arnhem  Russia  United States  China
Bosnia and Herzegovina 2022 Sarajevo Brazil Brazil Canada Canada United States United States
1 Netherlands4004
2 China2114
3 Russia1012
4 Brazil1001
5 United States0314
6 Slovenia0123
7 Finland0112
8 Canada0101
10 Lithuania0011
Totals (11 entries)88824





  1. 1985 (10) Iran Yugoslavia Netherlands Sweden Norway Hungary Germany Finland Austria Great Britain
  2. 1986 (13) Iran Hungary Netherlands Yugoslavia Norway Germany Finland Sweden Austria Czechoslovakia Egypt USA GB
  3. 1989 (9) Netherlands Hungary Germany Norway Finland Iraq GB Switzerland USA
  4. 1990 (9) Iran Netherlands Yugoslavia Hungary Germany Norway Sweden Finland GB
  5. 1994 (8) Iran Norway Netherlands Finland Hungary Germany Slovenia Sweden
  6. 1998 (12) Iran Finland Bosnia I Hercegovina Netherlands Germany Norway Egypt Kazakhstan Iraq Slovenia Japan Australia
  7. 2002 (10) Bosnia I Hercegovina Germany Iran Egypt Netherlands Iraq Hungary Japan Morocco USA
  8. 2006 (12) Bosnia I Hercegovina Iran Egypt Germany Russia China Croatia Netherlands USA Iraq Brazil Japan
  9. 2010 (12) Iran Boznia I Hercegovina Egypt Russia Ukraine Germany China Brazil Croatia USA Serbia Netherlands
  10. 2014 (12) Boznia I Hercegovina Brazil Iran Egypt Russia Germany Ukraine China Netherlands USA Croatia Poland
  11. 2018 (16) Iran Boznia I Hercegovina Brazil Ukraine Russia Egypt China USA Kazakhstan Germany Netherlands Poland Croatia Iraq Japan Rwanda
  12. 2022 (16) Iran Bosnia and Herzegovina Brazil Egypt Germany United States Kazakhstan Ukraine Iraq Croatia Canada Poland Rwanda Netherlands Serbia Japan


  1. 1994 (6) Netherlands Latvia Lithuania Russia Germany Ukraine
  2. 2000 (8) Netherlands Finland Slovenia Germany Japan Mongolia Ukraine Iran
  3. 2002 (8) Netherlands Slovenia Finland China Lithuania Japan Ukraine Iran
  4. 2006 (8) Netherlands China Slovenia Lithuania USA Ukraine Japan Brazil
  5. 2010 (12) China USA Ukraine Netherlands Slovenia Germany Russia Lithuania Japan Brazil GB Canada
  6. 2014 (12) China USA Russia Netherlands Ukraine Brazil Slovenia Finland Japan Germany GB Poland
  7. 2018 (16) Russia USA China Italy Brasil Ukraine Canada Netherlands Iran Japan Rwanda Finland Slovenia Hungary Egypt Croatia
  8. 2022 (13) Brazil Canada United States Slovenia Italy Germany Ukraine Rwanda Iran Finland Hungary Poland Bosnia and Herzegovina

Youth World Para Volleyball Championship

Junior World Championships

Year Ref
Slovenia 2005 Kamnik [2]
Brazil 2007 Niterói [2]
Iran 2009 Mashhad [3]

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