Baseball5 World Cup
Most recent season or competition:
2022 Baseball5 World Cup
First season2022
AdministratorWorld Baseball Softball Confederation
No. of teams12
Most recent
 Cuba (1st title)
Most titles Cuba (1 title)
Youth Baseball5 World Cup

The Baseball5 World Cup (B5WC, and sometimes referred to as the Senior Baseball5 World Cup)[1] is a mixed-gender Baseball5 (B5) world championship that occurs every two years, with the first edition held in 2022 in Mexico and contested by 12 countries.[2][3] It is governed by the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC).[4]


The B5WC was originally planned to happen in December 2020 in Mexico.[5] The COVID-19 pandemic led to the delay of the B5WC to June 2021;[6] however, the continued impact of the pandemic delayed the B5WC further. It was later decided that the WC would be played every two years, starting in 2022.[3]

The 14-team 2020 European Baseball5 Championship held in February and March saw France and Lithuania take the two available Europe berths to qualify for the inaugural B5WC.[7][8] The Oceania qualifier was scheduled to be played in Australia in 2021.[9] The Asia qualifiers were scheduled to be played in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in April 2021,[10] but were then postponed due to COVID-19 to August 17–19, 2022.[11][2]

The first edition of the tournament was won by Cuba, who finished the championship undefeated.[12]

On April 2023, it was confirmed that Hong Kong will host the second edition of the tournament, from October 7-12, 2024. [13]


The 12 countries participating in the World Cup are geographically broken down as follows:[6]

The following format is used for the World Cup: there are 12 countries that play a total of 50 games over seven days. The tournament will be played in three venues, with the 12 teams separated into two groups of 6 each playing a single round-robin, followed by a "super round" and then the finals.[1] The super round consists of the top three teams from each group, with the results of the group stage being used in the super round for any matchups between countries that played each other in the group stage.[14]

Each team has five active players and eight players total on the roster, with the mixed-gender nature of the tournament requiring teams to have half of their roster to be of each gender, and at least two active players per gender in the game.[5][15]

Players must be a minimum of 15 years old.[16]


Year Host Final Third place game
Champions Score Runners-up Third place Score Fourth place
Mexico City


Chinese Taipei
Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Medal table

1 Cuba1001
2 Japan0101
3 Chinese Taipei0011
Totals (3 entries)1113

Participating nations

Teams 2022 2024 Years
 Australia × 0
 Chinese Taipei 3rd 1
 Cuba 1st 1
 France 9th 1
 Hong Kong 12th     1
 Japan 2nd 1
 Kenya 8th 1
 Lithuania 11th 1
 Mexico 5th 1
 South Africa 7th 1
 South Korea 10th 1
 Tunisia 6th 1
 Venezuela 4th 1
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