FIM Flat Track World Championship
CategoryMotorcycle Racing
Inaugural season2011

The FIM Flat Track World Championship is the premier competition organized by FIM on the sport of flat track racing. It takes place every year as a calendar competition on different locations across the world. It was first contested in 2011 and Italian rider Francesco Cecchini has won the championship a record 6 times in a row.[1]


Year Winners Runner-up 3rd place
2011  ITA Marco Belli  GBR Tom Wooley  GBR Aidan Collins
2012  ITA Fabricio Vesprini  GBR Tom Wooley  ITA Emanuele Marzotto
2013  ITA Fabricio Vesprini  ITA Emanuele Marzotto  NED Rob Sijbring
2014  ITA Francesco Cecchini  ITA Emanuele Marzotto  GBR Aidan Collins
2015  ITA Francesco Cecchini  GBR Oliver Brindley  ITA Emanuele Marzotto
2016  ITA Francesco Cecchini  ITA Emanuele Marzotto  ESP Franc Serra
2017  ITA Francesco Cecchini  ESP Franc Serra  ESP Adrián Garín
2018  ITA Francesco Cecchini  ESP Gerard Bailo Serra  ESP Franc Serra
2019  ITA Francesco Cecchini  ESP Adrián Garín  AUT Manuel Hagleitner
2020  FIN Lasse Kurvinen  ITA Francesco Cecchini  ESP Ferrán Cardús
2021  FIN Lasse Kurvinen  ITA Kevin Corradetti  GER Markus Jell
2022  ESP Gerard Bailo  ITA Matteo Boncinelli  CZE Ervin Krajčovič
2023  CZE Ervin Krajčovič  ESP Gerard Bailo  ITA Matteo Boncinelli


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