Claudia Serpieri
Occupationtechnical diver & instructor
AwardsWomen Divers Hall of Fame[1]

Claudia Serpieri is a world record-holding Italian technical diver and instructor, with Finnish mather.[2] She was co-founder with Stefano Di Cagno of the team BioHazard, the extreme dive team of DDR Org. Deep Diving Research Organization, which has partnerships with space agencies, hyperbaric researchers, universities and the Navy (see Nave Proteo), and chief editor of Captain Nemo magazine for five year.[1] She was the first using a closed circuit rebreather in a deep dive, in the 2002, with 105 m./344,5 ft. in the lake of Bracciano, Italy. She is actually a PADI Staff Instructor, PTA Instructor Trainer, and lives and works in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt at MHM Blue World Diving Center.[3]

World records

She holds a number of world records:[1]

She also holds the Italian women’s record for deepest dive in a sinkhole (103 m or 338 ft) and in a cave (86 m or 282 ft), and leads the exploration team at the sinkhole Merro in Italy (199 m or 653 ft).[1]



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