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This is a list of underwater divers whose exploits have made them notable.[a] Underwater divers are people who take part in underwater diving activitiesUnderwater diving is practiced as part of an occupation, or for recreation, where the practitioner submerges below the surface of the water or other liquid for a period which may range between seconds to order of a day at a time, either exposed to the ambient pressure or isolated by a pressure resistant suit, to interact with the underwater environment for pleasure, competitive sport, or as a means to reach a work site for profit or in the pursuit of knowledge, and may use no equipment at all, or a wide range of equipment which may include breathing apparatus, environmental protective clothing, aids to vision, communication, propulsion, maneuverability, buoyancy and safety equipment, and tools for the task at hand.

Who is an underwater diver?

This list refers to people who are notable for their underwater diving activities and for whom a biographical article exists in Wikipedia. The following lists may also be relevant:

Pioneers of diving

Jacques Cousteau

Underwater explorers

Underwater scientists, environmentalists and archaeologists

Eugenie Clarke in 2011
Sylvia Earle prepares to dive in a JIM suit
Honor Frost


Herbert Nitsch
Natalia Molchanova

Scuba divers

Surface supplied and saturation divers

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Underwater filmmakers

Hans Hass

Underwater photographers

Tamara Benitez
Peter Scoones
Brian Skerry

Underwater artists

Christ of the Abyss at San Fruttuoso, Liguria

Combat divers, frogmen and saboteurs

Lionel Crabb


Scott Carpenter
Sylvia Earle displays samples to aquanaut inside TEKTITE
Albert Falco in 2011
Michael Gernhardt
Karen Kohanowich
Sunita Williams

Aquanaut – Diver who remains at depth underwater for longer than 24 hours

Cave divers

Notable for other reasons

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  1. ^ Notability to qualify for this list is established by having, as a minimum requirement, cited mention in an article on English Wikipedia, in which their notability as a diver is explained.


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