Cristina Zenato
Born1971 (age 52–53)
Years active1994-present
Known forShark diving

Cristina Zenato is an Italian-born shark diver and conservationist. She is known for her work with Caribbean reef sharks in The Bahamas.

Early life

Zenato was born in Italy in 1971.[1] Her father was a special forces military diver.[2] She was raised in the Congo until she was 15.[1] She completed high school in Italy.[3]


Zenato began scuba diving at age 22 when traveling to The Bahamas.[4] She started training as a dive instructor and working with sharks in 1995.[5] The same year, she began working for Underwater Explorer's Society (UNEXSO). Later, she became both a PADI Course Director and NSS-CDS Cave Diving Instructor with UNEXSO.[6] Zenato's cave diving projects have included remapping the underwater caves in the Lucayan National Park.[7] Zenato was inducted into the Women Divers Hall of Fame in 2011.[6] She is known for promoting the conservation of, diving with, removing fish hooks from Caribbean reef sharks around Grand Bahama Island.[8][9] Her work has garnered her the titles of "shark whisperer"[10][11] and "mother of sharks."[12]

Zenato has been featured in numerous films and television programs including Shark Week's Sharktacular,[13] Against the Current,[14] and Save This Shark.[15] In the late 2010s, she founded the non-profit, People of the Water.[16] She completed her PADI Course Director training in 2016.[4]

Personal life

Zenato first went to the Bahamas in 1994, during which time she decided she wanted to move there permanently.[6]


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