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Association Internationale pour le Développement de l'Apnée
AIDA International
TypeSports Federation
HeadquartersGeneve, Switzerland
Region served
Official language
French, English
Alexandru Russu[1]

Association Internationale pour le Développement de l'Apnée (AIDA) (English: International Association for the Development of Apnea) is a worldwide rule- and record-keeping body for competitive breath holding events, also known as freediving.[3] It sets standards for safety, comparability of Official World Record attempts and freedive education. AIDA International is the parent organization for national clubs of the same name. AIDA World Championships are periodically held.


AIDA was founded November 2, 1992, in Nice, France, by Frenchmen Roland Specker, Loïc Leferme and Claude Chapuis, with Specker as its first President. The AIDA Competitions started to take form in 1993. National clubs begin to form over all Europe in 1994–1995. AIDA became AIDA International in 1999.

AIDA World Championships

History of AIDA World Championships:

32nd & 33rd AIDA Freediving World Championships! The AIDA Pool World Championship Kaunas 2024



Qualifications and certifications

AIDA has a star system for grading its freediving certifications:

Freedive certifications

Speciality certifications

AIDA has 3 levels of Instructor qualifications and certifications:

Instructor certifications


AIDA recognized world records as of March 28, 2022.[4]

Pool Disciplines

The AIDA recognized pool disciplines are static apnea (STA) and three separate dynamic apnea disciplines. Dynamic With Fins which is done with monofins usually but bifins are also allowed, Dynamic With Bifins which uses bifins, and Dynamic Without Fins does not allow fins to be used and divers usually use breast strokes and wall-kicks for propulsions.

Discipline Gender Name Nationality Result Date
Static Apnea (STA) Male Stéphane Mifsud  France 11:35 2009-06-08
Static Apnea (STA) Female Natalia Molchanova  Russia 09:02 2013-06-21
Dynamic With Fins (DYN) Male Mateusz Malina  Poland 300m 2016-07-02
Dynamic With Fins (DYN) Male Giorgos Panagiotakis  Greece 300m 2016-07-02
Dynamic With Fins (DYN) Female Magdalena Solich-Talanda  Poland 257m 2019-10-13
Dynamic Without Fins (DNF) Male Mateusz Malina  Poland 244m 2016-07-01
Dynamic Without Fins (DNF) Female Magdalena Solich-Talanda  Poland 191m 2017-07-01
Dynamic With Bifins (DYNB) Male Mateusz Malina  Poland 250m 2019-10-13
Dynamic With Bifins (DYNB) Female Mirela Kardašević  Croatia 208m 2019-03-07

Sea Disciplines

Discipline Gender Name Nationality Result Date
Constant Weight (CWT) Male Alexey Molchanov  Russia 130m 2018-07-18
Constant Weight (CWT) Female Alenka Artnik  Slovenia 114m 2020-07-11
Constant Weight Without Fins (CNF) Male William Trubridge  New Zealand 102m 2016-07-16
Constant Weight Without Fins (CNF) Female Alessia Zecchini  Italy 73m 2018-07-22
Constant Weight With Bifins (CWTB) Male Alexey Molchanov  Russia 115m 2021-09-23
Constant Weight With Bifins (CWTB) Female Alessia Zecchini  Italy 109m 2023-03-29
Free Immersion (FIM) Male Mateusz Malina  Poland 127m 2022-08-11
Free Immersion (FIM) Female Fatima Konok  Hungary 102m 2023-07-26
Variable Weight (VWT) Male Walid Boudhaif  Tunisia 150m 2021-01-17
Variable Weight (VWT) Female Nanja Van Den Broek  Netherlands 130m 2015-10-18
No Limit (NLT) Male Herbert Nitsch  Austria 214m 2007-06-09
No Limit (NLT) Female Tanya Streeter  United States 160m 2002-08-17

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