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Pollock before speaking at the 2013 DEMA Show

Neal Pollock is a Canadian academic and diver. Born in Edmonton, Canada he completed a bachelor's degree in zoology; the first three years at University of Alberta and the final year at the University of British Columbia. After completing a master's degree he then served as diving officer at University of British Columbia for almost five years. He then moved to Florida and completed a doctorate in exercise physiology/environmental physiology at Florida State University.[1]


Pollock is the Research Chair in Hyperbaric and Diving Medicine at Laval University, Quebec .[2] He also serves as an Associate Professor in the Department of Kinesiology, School of Medicine. The Chair position is possibly the first of its kind in North America. The purpose is to provide overarching support and promotion of hyperbaric and diving medicine.[citation needed]

Prior to this move in November 2016 Pollock was Research Director at Divers Alert Network,[3] a Senior Research Associate at the Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Environmental Physiology at Duke University Medical Center,[4] a member of the Board of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences Foundation,[5] a member of the Advisory Board of Divewise,[6] chair of the International Breath Hold Blackout Task Force,[7] and a member of Editorial Board of the journal Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine.[8]

His academic training is in zoology/marine science, exercise physiology and environmental physiology;[citation needed] his research interests focus on human health and safety in extreme environments.[citation needed] Pollocck developed and maintains a breath-hold incident database for DAN that includes cases from 2004 forward.[9] Summaries and case reports have appeared in DAN annual reports since 2005 and a variety of other publications. Pollock co-organised and edited the proceedings of the 2005 Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society / Divers Alert Network 'Diabetes and Recreational Diving: Guidelines For The Future Workshop.[10] He co-chaired the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society / Divers Alert Network 2006 breath-hold workshop and co-edited the proceedings published from that meeting, and was part of organising team behind the 2012 international safety symposium; Rebreather Forum 3 and co-edited the subsequent proceedings.[citation needed]

Pollock is a member of the 'Diver Medical Screen Committee ' (DMSC). This team of internationally respected diving medicine experts - Dr Nick Bird, Dr Oliver Firth, (the late) Professor Tony Frew, Dr Alessandro Marroni, Professor Simon Mitchell and Dr Adel Taher, revised the 'RSTC Diver Medical Declaration Form' and associated 'Notes for Physicians'. The process took three years and it was published in June 2020. The previous document dated from 1989.[11]





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