Darwin Region
from Darwin area to the West Alligator River
Linguistic classificationProposed language family.
lara1258  (Laragia)
limi1242  (Limilngan-Wulna)
umbu1235  (Umbugarla)
Darwin Region languages.png
Darwin Region languages (red), among other non-Pama–Nyungan languages (grey).

Closeup. From west to east they are: Laragiya, Limilngan, and Umbugarlic.

The Darwin Region languages are a small family of poorly attested Australian Aboriginal languages of northern Australia proposed by linguist Mark Harvey[citation needed]. It unites the pair of Limilngan languages with two language isolates:[1]

Ngurmbur and Bugurnidja are poorly attested extinct languages, which are joined with Umbugarla to form the Umbugarlic branch.

Tryon (2007) lists the following varieties of Umbugarla–Ngumbur:

Ngunbudj (Gonbudj), Umbugarla, Bugunidja, Ngarduk, Ngumbur.

However, nothing is known of Ngunbudj or Ngarduk, which were extinct by WWII.


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