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Preparation to collecting date sap from tree

Date palm juice or Date palm sap or Khejur Ras (Bengali: খেজুর রস, romanizedKhejur Rosh) is sweet sap extracted from the Date Palm trees of Bengal in winter. It contains high natural sugars and various nutrients. The sap is usually collected early in the morning in containers and consumed fresh, often within hours of collection to preserve its natural sweetness and delicate flavor. It is a habitat of a diverse range of microbial species mostly lactic acid bacteria such as Leuconostoc and Lactobacillus which are usually known as beneficial microbes.[1]

Bangladesh produces around 20,000 tonnes of date molasses in each year.[2] And Kalkini Upazila region in Bangladesh, is mostly famous for its Date Juice and Date Molasses/Gur.


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