Kala bhuna
Beef Kala bhuna
Alternative namesKalo bhuna, Kalo vuna, Hala bhuno
Coursemain course
Place of originBangladesh[1]
Region or stateChittagong
Associated cuisineBangladesh
Serving temperaturehot
Main ingredientsbeef (or mutton), Bangladeshi spices
VariationsMezbani Kala bhuna
Traditional Kalabhuna Preparation in Mezban cooking in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Kala bhuna (Bengali: কালা ভুনা, Chittagonian: হালা ভুনো, romanized: Hala bhuno[2]) is a meat curry made of beef or mutton, originated in Chittagong, Bangladesh.[1][3] Different types of spices are needed to prepare this traditional dish of Chittagong. In Bengali, the word kala or kalo means black and bhuna means deep fry. Kala bhuna gets its name from its appearance, as the meat goes blackish during a long process of deep frying it with a plenty of spices.[4] It has become popular also in other Bangladeshi cities like Sylhet,[5] Khulna,[6] Dhaka[7] etc. Nowadays, this dish is also a favorite delicacy in mezbans, weddings, eids and in sehri or iftar during the time of Ramadan. Usually, Kala bhuna is eaten with plain rice, polao, porota, naan or ruti.


Kala bhuna can be made of both beef and mutton, but beef Kala bhuna is more popular. This meat dish is cooked with various ingredients by adding them gradually. The ingredients used in it are as follows: [8]


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