Tusha Shinni
Place of origin Bangladesh
Region or stateSylhet
Serving temperaturewarm
Main ingredientsFlour, sugar, oil + ghee, water, cinnamon, cardamom, raisins and bay leaf.[1]

Tusha Shinni (Bengali: তুশা শিন্নি) is one type of flour halwa, a popular desert in the Sylhet region of Bangladesh.[2] This dish from the cuisine of Sylhet is lightly spicy, soft and sweet.[1] This traditional food is very famous in different religious occasions.[3]


Flour, sugar, oil and butter, cardamom, crunchy almond , raisins, cinnamon and water.[2]


First, water is boiled in a pot adding cinnamon and cardamom. When the water is hot, sugar is added in it to make a syrup.[1] Thin syrup is good for a best texture.[2] Then sugar syrup is mixed with flour on medium low flame. The mixture is stirred repeatedly until the Tusha turns into brown and the water is absorbed. By this way, the consistency will be a soft sugary dough.[4] If the mixture is burned, it will taste bitter.[1] When the process is done, the sugar syrup will be absorbed by the flour.[5] It is served with raisins, almonds etc.

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