Seven Colour Tea
Seven Layer Tea
Seven layer tea
Alternative namesSat rong cha (সাত রং চা)
Place of origin Bangladesh
Region or stateSrimangal, Moulvibazar District, Sylhet Division
Created byRomesh Ram Gour
Main ingredientsTea, condensed milk, cinnamon, cloves and lemons
Variationsmultiple (2+) layer/colour tea

Seven-colour tea or seven-layer tea (Bengali: সাত রং চা) is a Bangladeshi beverage comprising layers of different teas.[1] Tea is made in multiple permutations of concentration, tea leaf variety and adjuncts such as milk, sugar and flavourings and when combined separates according to density.[2][1] Each layer contrasts in colour and taste, ranging from syrupy sweet to spicy clove. The result is an alternating dark/light band pattern throughout the drink, giving the tea its name.

Romesh Ram Gour, the operator of a tea shop in Srimongol, Moulvibazar, claims to have devised the drink.[3] It has been widely imitated throughout Bangladesh, with varying numbers of layers.


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