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Two people wrestling in 1913.
Two people wrestling in 1913.

A folk wrestling style is any traditional style of wrestling, which may or may not be codified as a modern sport. Most cultures have developed regional forms of grappling.


Further information: European martial arts and Greco-Roman wrestling


Traditionally wrestling has two main centres in Great Britain: the West Country, where the Devon and Cornwall styles were developed, and in the Northern counties; the home of the Cumberland and Westmorland styles and Catch wrestling.

North Country styles

West Country styles

Other styles


Nordic countries

Continental Europe

Western Europe
Southern Europe
Eastern Europe
Northern Europe


Wrestlers on the traditional Naadam festival in Mongolia, near Ulan Bator
Wrestlers on the traditional Naadam festival in Mongolia, near Ulan Bator
Yağlı güreş (Turkish oil wrestling) tournament in Istanbul
Yağlı güreş (Turkish oil wrestling) tournament in Istanbul
Khuresh (Tuvan wrestling)
Khuresh (Tuvan wrestling)

Central Asia

Mongolian wrestling

Turkic wrestling

East Asia


Other countries

Western Asia

South Asia

Main article: Indian wrestling

Southeast Asia





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