This is a list of billionaire (USD) space travellers.[1][2]


Billionaire Spaceflight Launch Date Arrival Date Notes
Dennis Tito United States Dennis Tito Dennis Tito, Talgat Musabayev, Yury Baturin, aboard the International Space Station Space Adventures / MirCorp ISS EP-1 (Soyuz TM-32/TM-31) 28 April 2001 6 May 2001 First billionaire in space, orbital space; first space tourist to the International Space Station [3][1][4]
South Africa Mark Shuttleworth Mark Shuttleworth aboard the International Space Station Space Adventures ISS EP-3 (Soyuz TM-34/TM-33) 25 April 2002 2 May 2002 First insured space tourist; First South African, first person from Africa in space, orbital space; second space tourist to the International Space Station [3][1][5][6][7][8]
Charles Simonyi Hungary Charles Simonyi Space Adventures Soyuz TMA-10/TMA-9 7 April 2007 21 April 2007 First spaceflight First two-time space tourist [9] [3][10]
Space Adventures Soyuz TMA-13/TMA-12 26 March 2009 8 April 2009 Second spaceflight [11]
Guy Laliberté Canada Guy Laliberté Space Adventures Soyuz TMA-16/TMA-14 30 September 2009 11 October 2009 First Canadian space tourist; Last space tourist before the U.S. STS Space Shuttle programme shut down, and increase in long-term ISS crew to 6, leading to a decade without space tourist flights to the ISS [3][1][12][13]
Richard Branson United Kingdom Richard Branson Virgin Galactic Unity 22 11 July 2021 11 July 2021 First billionaire to fly in his own spacecraft into space, above the 80km McDowell line to suborbital space; First fully occupied SpaceShipTwo flight [2][14][15]
Jeff Bezos United States Jeff Bezos Blue Origin NS-16 20 July 2021 20 July 2021 First billionaire to fly in his own spacecraft above the 100km Karman line into suborbital space; First wholly commercial civilian flightcrew-less flight into space, suborbital space; First crewed Blue Origin launch [2][14][15][16]
Jared Isaacman United States Jared Isaacman (4) SpaceX Shift4 Inspiration4 15 September 2021 18 September 2021 First wholly commercial civilian flightcrew-less flight into orbital space; Fourth crewed SpaceX launch [2]
(4) SpaceX Polaris program Polaris Dawn NET 2024 NET 2024 First flight from the Polaris program. [17]
Yusaku Maezawa Japan Yusaku Maezawa Maezawa, Misurking and Hirano, aboard the International Space Station Space Adventures Soyuz MS-20 8 December 2021 20 December 2021 First spaceflight Maezawa is set to become the first tourist around the Moon [2] [18]
#dearMoon SpaceX dearMoon TBA TBA Circumlunar flight aboard SpaceX's Starship [19]
Larry Connor United States Larry Connor Crew from Ax-1 on board of the ISS. Axiom/SpaceX Ax-1 21 February 2022 21 February 2022 First flight for AxiomSpace, first private spaceflight to the International Space Station [14][20][21]
Eytan Meir Stibbe Israel Eytan Stibbe First Israeli space tourist. Second Israeli in space, orbital space. [14][20][22]
John Shoffner United States John Shoffner Crew from Ax-2 on board of the ISS. Axiom/SpaceX Ax-2 21 May 2023 31 May 2023 [23]
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