This is a list of the main churches and monasteries in Albania.


765 churches and monasteries were destroyed by communist authorities in 1967 when state atheism was first introduced in the country.[1]

# Name Location Built Denomination Image
1 Saint Gjon Vladimir Shijon 11th, 14th century Eastern Orthodox
2 Marmiroi church Orikum 12th century Eastern Orthodox
3 St. Paraskevi's Church Çetë 13th century Roman Catholic, since 1691 Eastern Orthodox
4 Holy Trinity church Berat 13th century Eastern Orthodox
5 Dormition of the Theotokos church Libohovë 13th century Eastern Orthodox
6 Holy Resurrection Church Mborje 896 or 12-14th century Eastern Orthodox
7 Sacred Heart Church Tirana 1939 Roman Catholic
8 St. Nicholas Church Perondi 11th century Eastern Orthodox
9 St. Athanasius Church Moscopole 1721 Eastern Orthodox
10 St. Michael Church Moscopole 1722 Eastern Orthodox
11 St. Anthony Church Laç 1300 and 1990 Roman Catholic


# Name Location Built Denomination Image
1 Ardenica Monastery Lushnje 13th century Eastern Orthodox
2 St. Mary's Monastery, Zvërnec Zvërnec 13th century Eastern Orthodox
3 Rubik Monastery
11th century Roman Catholic

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