There are 3 private national radio stations, 1 public, and 63 local radio stations in Albania. Public radio signal of RTSH Radio Tirana 1 covers 80.5% of the territory, while those of Top Albania Radio and Club FM, both commercial radio stations with a national license, cover 93.7%, and the western lowland respectively. In 2020, the third private national frequency license was awarded to Radio Klan, part of TV Klan sh.a. There are some ongoing initiatives to measure audience shares in the country, but they are limited in geographical scope and the results are not public. However, radio stations seem to be more of an entertainment medium, with mainly music, interrupted by news flashes or talk show programs.[1]

National stations

Local frequency stations

Below is a list of radio stations operating in Tirana, Albania with some partly covering the western lowland (as of 2021):

 Freq.    Station name
 88.00    City Radio  	
 88.50    Radio Ngjallja  	
 89.30	  Radio Kontakt  	
 89.80	  Syri FM (TV audio relay) 	
 90.70	  Love Radio 	
 91.10   Play Radio Albania 
 91.40	  Radio Maria (Shqiptare)  
 92.00	  Radio Shqip  	
 92.90	  Radio Klan  	
 93.20	  Radio 1
 93.60	  Radio Nacional  	
 94.00	  Radio One 
 94.40	  Radio Eurostar  	
 95.80	  RTSH Radio Tirana 2  	
 96.40	  Radio Spektrum  	
 96.70	  Radio Ora News (TV audio relay) 	
 97.00   News 24 Radio (TV audio relay)
 97.30	  My Music Radio	
 97.70	  Radio 7  	
 98.20	  Radio DJ
 98.50	  Kiss FM  	
 99.50	  RTSH Radio Tirana 1  
100.00	  Top Albania Radio  	
100.40	  Club FM  
100.80	  Top Gold Radio  	
101.20	  RTSH Radio Tirana Klasik	
101.20	  Big FM  	
102.00	  Radio France Internationale
102.60	  Alfa & Omega Radio  	
103.10	  MCN Radio 	
103.90	  BBC World Service 	
104.60	  Radio Travel  
105.00	  ABC News Radio  (TV audio relay)	
105.70	  IN Radio  	
106.00	  Radio Ejani (China Radio International)
106.60	  Radio NRG  	
107.70	  Radio House of Arts

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