Pingchuan; Pingchüan
Wolong Town, Pingquan (20220824105628).jpg
Pingquan in Chengde
Pingquan in Chengde
Pingquan is located in Hebei
Location of the city center in Hebei
Coordinates: 41°01′06″N 118°42′07″E / 41.0184°N 118.7020°E / 41.0184; 118.7020Coordinates: 41°01′06″N 118°42′07″E / 41.0184°N 118.7020°E / 41.0184; 118.7020
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Prefecture-level cityChengde
County seatPingquan (平泉镇)
 • County-level city3,295.5 km2 (1,272.4 sq mi)
 • Urban
26.00 km2 (10.04 sq mi)
508 m (1,667 ft)
 • County-level city487,000
 • Density150/km2 (380/sq mi)
 • Urban167,700
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Postal code
Area code0314

Pingquan (Chinese: 平泉; pinyin: Píngquán) is a county-level city of northeastern Hebei province, China, bordering Liaoning province to the east. It has a population of 470,000[when?] residing in an area of 3,297 km2 (1,273 sq mi). It is a centre of trade and business, and gold and silver are mined nearby.[2]


Map including Pingquan (labeled as 平泉 P'ING-CH'ÜAN (PA-KOU) 八溝) (AMS, 1951)
Map including Pingquan (labeled as 平泉 P'ING-CH'ÜAN (PA-KOU) 八溝) (AMS, 1951)

Pingguan was formerly called Bakou (Pakow). It absorbed Chinese colonies in the neighboring Mongol land: a large portion of the Kharachin Right Wing Banner and a large part of the Kharachin Middle Banner. Both banners belonged to the Josutu League.[3] During the Jindandao Incident of 1891, Pingquan was assaulted by Chinese religious sects. Catholic church were burnt and Chinese converts were massacred.[4]

Administrative divisions

There are 10 towns, 4 townships, and 5 ethnic townships under the county's administration.[5]


  • Pingquan (平泉镇)
  • Huangtuliangzi (黄土梁子镇)
  • Yushulinzi (榆树林子镇)
  • Yangshuling (杨树岭镇)
  • Qigou (七沟镇)
  • Xiaosigou (小寺沟镇)
  • Dangba (党坝镇)
  • Wolong (卧龙镇)
  • Nanwudajiazi (南五十家子镇)
  • Beiwudajiazi (北五十家子镇)


  • Wangtufang Township (王土房乡)
  • Taitoushan Township (台头山乡)
  • Songshutai Township (松树台乡)
  • Daohugou Township (道虎沟乡)
  • Liuxi Manchu Ethnic Township (柳溪满族乡)
  • Qijiadai Manchu Ethnic Township (七家岱满族乡)
  • Pingfang Manchu and Mongol Ethnic Township (平房满族蒙古族乡)
  • Maolangou Manchu and Mongol Ethnic Township (茅兰沟满族蒙古族乡)
  • Guozhangzi Manchu Ethnic Township (郭杖子满族乡)


Institutions of higher education include:


Major local companies include:


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