Progress MS-14
Progress MS-14 screenshot.png
Progress MS-14 docks with the ISS.
NamesProgress 75P
Mission typeISS resupply
COSPAR ID2020-026A
SATCAT no.45595
Mission duration370 days, 1 hour, 42 minutes
Spacecraft properties
SpacecraftProgress MS-14 s/n 448 [1]
Spacecraft typeProgress-MS
ManufacturerRKK Energia
Launch mass7430 kg
Payload mass2528 kg
Start of mission
Launch date25 April 2020, 01:51:41 UTC
RocketSoyuz-2.1a (s/n Ya15000-038)
Launch siteBaikonur, Site 31/6
ContractorProgress Rocket Space Centre
End of mission
Decay date29 April 2021, 00:42 UTC
Orbital parameters
Reference systemGeocentric orbit
RegimeLow Earth orbit
Docking with ISS
Docking portZvezda aft
Docking date25 April 2020, 05:11:56 UTC [2]
Undocking date27 April 2021, 23:11:00 UTC
Time docked367 days, 17 hours, 59 minutes
Mass2528 kg
Pressurised1358 kg (dry cargo)
Fuel700 kg
Gaseous50 kg (oxygen)
Water420 kg
Progress ISS Resupply

Progress MS-14 (Russian: Прогресс МC-14), Russian production No.448, identified by NASA as Progress 75P, was a Progress spacecraft launched by Roscosmos to resupply the International Space Station (ISS).[3][4] This was the 166th flight of a Progress spacecraft.


The Progress-MS was a uncrewed freighter based on the Progress-M featuring improved avionics. This improved variant first launched on 21 December 2015. It has the following improvements:[5][6][7]


This flight was dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Victory: the Ribbon of Saint George and the orders of the Second World War were put on board the Soyuz. In order to prevent the Progress MS-14 coronavirus from entering the station, it underwent additional disinfection before launch before being sent. First of all, disinfection of the internal surfaces and equipment, as well as the external surfaces of the goods delivered was carried out with the selection of control samples. After refueling the vessel and upgrading the equipment, additional disinfection was carried out to prevent the virus from entering the ISS.[8]


The Soyuz-2.1a used to launch Progress MS-14, dubbed the "Victory Rocket" [9] was decorated with the number "75" on its payload fairing to mark the 75th anniversary of the meeting of U.S. and Soviet troops on the Elbe River in Germany in the final days of World War II in Europe. The number has a double significance because the cargo mission is the 75th Progress resupply flight to the International Space Station since 2000.[10][11]

Progress MS-14 was launched at 01:51:41 UTC from Baikonur Site 31/6 on a fast-track trajectory. Following a nominal launch, Progress MS-14 docked with Zvezda on the ISS at 05:11:56 UTC.[11]


3 hours and 20 minutes after launch, Progress MS-14 successfully docked automatically to the rear port of Zvezda at 05:11:56 UTC on 25 April 2020, where it remained until 27 April 2021.


The Progress MS-14 spacecraft delivered 2528 kg of cargo, with 1358 kg of this being dry cargo. The following is a breakdown of cargo bound for the ISS:[6]

Undocking and decay

After its mission was completed, Progress MS-14 undocked from the station on 27 April 2021 filled with disposable trash. It re-entered the Earth's atmosphere for destruction over the South Pacific Ocean at 00:42 UTC, on 29 April 2021.[12]

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