1892 United States presidential election in Illinois

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Nominee Grover Cleveland Benjamin Harrison
Party Democratic Republican
Home state New York Indiana
Running mate Adlai Stevenson I Whitelaw Reid
Electoral vote 24 0
Popular vote 426,281 399,288
Percentage 48.79% 45.70%

County Results

President before election

Benjamin Harrison

Elected President

Grover Cleveland

The 1892 United States presidential election in Illinois took place on November 8, 1892. All contemporary 44 states were part of the 1892 United States presidential election. State voters chose 24 electors to the Electoral College, which selected the president and vice president.

Illinois was won by the Democratic nominees, former President Grover Cleveland of New York and his running mate Adlai Stevenson I of Illinois. This marked the first time a Democratic candidate won Illinois since 1856 when James Buchanan carried the state. This makes Illinois one of three states (along with California and Wisconsin) that Cleveland lost in his first two electoral bids but won in his third.


1892 United States presidential election in Illinois[1]
Party Candidate Votes Percentage Electoral votes
Democratic Grover Cleveland 426,281 48.79% 24
Republican Benjamin Harrison (incumbent) 399,288 45.70% 0
Prohibition John Bidwell 25,871 2.96% 0
Populist James B. Weaver 22,207 2.54% 0
Totals 873,647 100.00% 24
Voter turnout

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