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This is a list of AFL shows which have aired on Australian television, as of 2011.

AFL Game Day

Main article: AFL Game Day

Channel:  Seven Network
Years:  2008–2020
Airs:  Sunday @ 10:00am
Duration:  60 minutes

Current Cast

AFL Game Day: Primetime

Seven Network
Hosted by Hamish McLachlan, with Tom Harley, Matthew Richardson, Ben Cousins and Jason Akermanis

AFL Lovematch

Fox Footy Channel

AFL Squadron

Seven Network
Hosted by Garry Lyon

AFL Teams

Fox Sports Australia

AFL Today

Seven Network, early 1990s
Hosted by Bruce McAvaney, with Scott Palmer

Any Given Sunday

Main article: Any Given Sunday (TV series)

Channel:  Nine Network
Years:  2005–2006
Aired:  Sunday @ 1:00pm
Duration:  60 minutes

Season 1 Cast

Season 2 Cast

Before the Bounce

(Fox Sports Australia)

Before the Game

Main article: Before the Game

Originally named After the Game in 2003

Channel:  Network Ten
Years:  2003–2013
Airs:  Thursday @ 8:30pm (Originally Saturday @ 6.30pm and 11:30pm)
Duration:  60 minutes / 30 minutes

Current Cast

Former Cast

Current Segments

Former Segments

Beyond the Boundary

(Network Ten)
Hosted by Christi Malthouse

The Big League

Hosted by Peter Landy

The Bounce

Main article: The Bounce (TV series)

(Seven Network)

The Business End

Herald Sun web series
Years:  2011–present
Airs:  Saturday @ 7:00pm
Duration:  21 minutes (3 × 7 minutes)

Current Cast

Classic Quarters

(Fox Footy Channel)

The Club

(Seven Network, 2001)
Hosted by Craig Hutchison, with David Rhys-Jones (as the coach)

The Collectors

(Fox Footy Channel)

Cometti Live

Nine Network, 2002
Hosted by Dennis Cometti, with Ben Allan and Brad Hardie

The Crows Show

Seven Network
Featuring James Brayshaw and Nikki Visser

The Fifth Quarter

Network Ten, 2004–2011

The Final Siren

Channel:  One
Years:  2011
Airs:  Sunday @ 6:00pm
Duration:  60 minutes / 30 minutes



The Final Story

Channel:  Nine Network
Format:  Documentary
Years:  2011 (4 episodes)
Aired:  Sunday @ 12:00pm
Duration:  60 minutes

List of Episodes

Footy Flashbacks

Fox Footy Channel [ {Channel7} Sandy Roberts after AFL gameDay finished in 2015]

Football Inquest

Seven Network, ?–1974
Hosted by Mike Williamson, with Reg Hickey

Footy Classified

Channel:  Nine Network
Years:  2007–present
Airs:  Monday @ 10:30pm
Duration:  60 minutes


Fill-in Cast

Former Cast

Current Segments

Former Segments

Footy Plus

Seven Network, 1997–2002
Hosted by Bruce Abernethy, with James Brayshaw and Nikki Visser

The Footy Show (AFL)

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Channel:  Nine Network
Years:  1994–2019
Airs:  Thursday, 8:30pm
Duration:  90 minutes

Regular Cast

Semi-regular Cast

Former Cast

Current Segments

Former Segments

Four Quarters

Seven Network, 1995
Hosted by Sandy Roberts

The Fox Footy Archive

Fox Footy Channel

Fox Footy Feature

Fox Footy Channel

Fox League Teams

Fox Footy Channel

From The FOX Footy Vault

Fox Footy Channel

The Game

Seven Network

The Game Plan (AFL)


The Gospel

Fox Footy Channel

Grumpy Old Men

Fox Footy Channel
With Bob Davis, Kevin Bartlett and Tony Shaw / Doug Hawkins

The Hey Jimmy! AFL Variety Hour

Channel:  SBS
Years:  2002 (4 episodes)
Aired:  Wednesday, 10:30pm
Duration:  60 minutes



Just Footy / Just AFL

Seven Network, 1997
Hosted by Wayne Carey, with Wayne Campbell, Aussie Jones and Anthony Hudson

Kellogg's Junior Supporters' Club

Hosted by Kevin Bartlett

League Teams

Seven Network, early 1960s–1986
Hosted by Bob Davis, with Jack Dyer and Lou Richards

Live and Kicking

Seven Network, 1998–1999 Hosted by Jason Dunstall, with Doug Hawkins and James Hird

Living With Footballers

Fox Footy Channel

On the Couch

Fox Footy Channel

One Week at a Time

Channel:  One
Years:  2009–2011
Airs:  Monday 9:30pm
Duration:  60 minutes

Current Cast

Former Cast

Current Segments

Rex Hunt's Footy Panel

Seven Network

Saturday Central

Fox Footy Channel

Seven's Match of the Round

Seven Network, 2002
Hosted by Rex Hunt

The Sunday Footy Show (AFL)

Nine Network Hosted by James Brayshaw, with Shane Crawford, Nathan Brown, Damian Barrett, Billy Brownless and Dr. Peter Larkins

Totally Footy

Network Ten, 2002

Talking Footy

Seven Network, 1995–2002 Hosted by Bruce McAvaney (1990s) and Tim Lane, with Mike Sheahan, Malcolm Blight, Leigh Matthews, David Parkin, Terry Wallace, Gary Ayres, Robert Walls and Caroline Wilson

Seven Network, 2014–2019 Hosted by Luke Darcy with Tim Watson, Wayne Carey and Sam McClure.

White Line Fever

Fox Footy Channel

The Winners

ABC, 1978–1987 Hosted by Drew Morphett

The Winners (Fox Show)

Fox Footy Channel, 2002–2006 Hosted by Clinton Grybas

Yokayi Footy

NITV, 2020–present

Hosted by Tony Armstrong, Bianca Hunt (2020) and Megan Waters (2021-present), with rotating panellists, former AFL players Darryl White, Andrew Krakouer and Gilbert McAdam.

Much like its predecessor, The Marngrook Footy Show, it focuses on indigenous players and issues.

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