Military Service for Security and Intelligence
Воена служба за бесбедност и разузнавање
Сектор - Воена служба за безбедност и разузнавање
Agency overview
FormedMay 26, 1992[1][2]
Preceding agencies
JurisdictionNorth Macedonia
HeadquartersSkopje, North Macedonia
Annual budgetClassified
Ministers responsible
Agency executive
Parent agencyMinistry of Defence
Child agency
  • G2 General Staff

The Military Service for Security and Intelligence of North Macedonia is an intelligence office within the Ministry of Defence of North Macedonia.[3]


Planning, analyzing, processing and dissemination of intelligence data in order to protect the territorial integrity, independence and the border interests of the Republic of Macedonia in accordance with the Constitution, Law on defence and the national security and defence concept of the Republic of Macedonia
Planning, analyzing, processing and dissemination of intelligence data required to participate in peace support and NATO-led conflict prevention operations
Intelligence support of humanitarian operations and peace support operations in dealing with natural disasters and humanitarian crises.


Military intelligence

Plans, organizes and conducts intelligence support required for the decision making process of the GS of ARM during ARM participation in various operations in Macedonia and abroad;
Manages Intelligence data to suit the needs of the GS of ARM in preparation, plans and executes various operations;
Plans, coordinates and synchronizes intelligence operations in subordinate commands and units;
Plans, organizes and conducts Intelligence preparation of the battle field (IPB) for military and operations other than war in Macedonia and abroad.

Counter intelligence

Plans, organizes and implements CI measures in MOD and Armed forces;
Detects hostile intelligence capacities for data collection;
Recognizes hostile intelligence capabilities to interfere in hostile influence;
Provides CI operations for force protection.


Recognizes critical physical security points
Coordinates and conducts security examination and control

Staff planning

Plans and decision making process support
Supports the planning process and maintains functional connections with MSSI(Military Sector for Security and Intelligence) in order to provide relevant intelligence data and analysis
Supports the duties and responsibilities in the GS scope of work aimed at supporting the mission
Responsible for planning and execution of intelligence exercises security
Trains subordinates



# Portrait Name Mandate commenced on Mandate finished on Political Party
1 Aleksandar Bocinov[4] ? ?
2 Sasho Mijalkov[5][6] ? ?
3 Milisav Tashtanovski[7][8] ? ?
4 Vladimir Pivovarov[9] 2002 2004
5 Col Risto Gjorgjiev[10][11] 2004 2006
6 Dr Ferdinand Odzakov[12][13] 2007 2015

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