Naval Intelligence
Agency overview
JurisdictionPakistan Navy
HeadquartersRawalpindi, Punjab Province
EmployeesHighly classified
Agency executive
Parent departmentMinistry of Defense
(Government of Pakistan)
Parent agencyNaval Intelligence Division
(Royal Navy)

The Naval Intelligence of Pakistan, abbreviated as NI, is a staff naval corps and naval intelligence directorate of Pakistan Navy, headquartered in Rawalpindi, Punjab. The NI directly reports to Chief of Naval Staff, and is subordinated to the Ministry of Defence of Pakistan.[1] The NI is mandate and tasked with gathering naval intelligence and providing the information to Pakistan Defence Forces at large with the naval intelligence picture. The NI provides warning of war or terrorism from the sea; instructs and trains the Sea Corps' (Pakistan Marines) on areas related to field intelligence, intelligence-related human resources, and hydrography; and coordinates between the Sea Corps and other elements in the Intelligence Community.


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