• (4aR,10bR)-3,4a,4,10b-tetrahydro-4-propyl-2H,5H-[1]benzopyrano-[4,3-b]-1,4-oxazin-9-ol
CAS Number
PubChem CID
Chemical and physical data
Molar mass249.310 g·mol−1
3D model (JSmol)
  • c23cc(O)ccc3OCC1C2OCCN1CCC
  • InChI=1S/C14H19NO3/c1-2-5-15-9-17-7-12-11-6-10(16)3-4-14(11)18-8-13(12)15/h3-4,6,12-13,16H,2,5,7-9H2,1H3/t12-,13-/m1/s1 ☒N
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PD-128,907 is a drug used in scientific research which acts as a potent and selective agonist for the dopamine D2 and D3 receptors.[1] It is used for studying the role of these receptors in the brain, in roles such as inhibitory autoreceptors that act to limit further dopamine release,[2] as well as release of other neurotransmitters.[3] In animal studies, it has been shown to reduce toxicity from cocaine overdose.[4][5]

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