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Welcome to the Molecular and Cell Biology taskforce of WikiProject Molecular Biology.
If you have any questions about articles or are generally seeking advice, you're encouraged to ask at the talkpage of WikiProject Molecular Biology, the centralized point for discussion, thank you.


This project aims to improve and organise articles related to molecular and cell biology on Wikipedia. If you would like to help, feel free to add yourself to the list of participants, drop by our discussion page or just look over the How you can help section below.


Collect and organize the wealth of information in databases and academic journals on genomes, proteomes and biological functions to ensure that it is accessible to both researchers and laypeople
Improve articles to featured article status, especially vital articles, with a particular focus on subjects that are discussed at the primary and secondary school level
Create a standard system for presenting the information about the proteins and cells that are discussed in Wikipedia articles

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  Name   Talk page   Special interests
AaronM Talk I work on (in Wikipedia and the outside world) the cytoskeleton, cilia/flagella, and motor proteins
Aciel Talk Graduate student in Cell and Molecular Biology. I've been working on topics discussed in my classes on which there is little or no information on Wikipedia.
Kurstea1 Talk I am a current student at Clemson University. I am going to be improving the Hemoglobin A page for a Cell Bio project under the supervision of Dr. Lesly Temesvari (Username: LTEMESV) at Clemson University.
Acjwd3 Talk Medical writer, ex-biochemist, hoping soon to be a bioinformatics graduate student. Warming up my studying fingers by editing articles relating to biochemistry.
Adrian J. Hunter Talk I teach biology, biochemistry and genetics. PhD in molecular genetics.
Ajpolino Talk Microbial pathogenesis, et al.
Alberrosidus Talk Membrane structure/function, protein synthesis/signaling
AlexanderJunge Talk Pursuing a PhD in RNA bioinformatics; broadly interested in biology, particularly from a computational perspective
Alexbateman Talk Interested in improving wikipedia entries for ncRNA families
Allen Gathman Talk Fungal genomics, general molecular genetics articles for teaching
Alistairirvine Talk
AndrewGNF Talk Bioinformatics, gene expression analysis; interested in creating a wikipedia page for every mammalian gene using the ProteinBoxBot
Antony-22 Talk Nanotechnology. biomolecular structure
Anupam Talk
Arcadian Talk
arkuat Talk Just did a major cleanup of binary fission, which was High Start on your list. I have an interest in making wikipedia more useful to those who teach biology to adolescents, and to adolescent students of biology.
BloxyColaSweet Talk Biochemistry researcher.
BatteryIncluded Talk Cell cultures; protein engineering (purification and crystallography), 2D Western blot; medical microbiology‎; in vitro (simulations) microorganism exposure to outer space; In Wikipedia am focused on astrobiology.
Bassophile Talk Protein structure determination - specifically X-ray crystallographer, also biophysics. Have worked on Toxins, Phosphatases, Cell motility, glycoproteins. PostDoc.
Bduke Talk Computational Chemistry
Belasd Talk Drosophila genetics, Motor Proteins(Dynein and Myosins), Cytoskeleton, Mitosis, Spermatogenesis
Bendzh Talk
Benjamin-5-phosphate Talk Almost everything from glucose to pyruvate and every phosphate in between. Eager to help. If you know any abandoned stub that is needing some love and affection, leave a message.
BerserkerBen Talk "Will draw any enzymatic reaction for food": If you feel an article can be improved with a picture of the protein or enzyme reaction/mechanism simply ask.
Bform Talk I'm a graduate student in a Molecular and Cellular Biology program, but my reasearch is in a more pharmacology orientated lab with emphasis relating to the mevalonate pathway (so far Dolichol synthase, Squalene synthase, protein prenylation, etc.).
Biochemistry&Love Talk Interested in biologics.
Biochemlife Talk PhD student in biochemistry and structural biology. Interested in creating/expanding articles on female scientist.s
BioFilip Talk Ph.D in Biology - Interested in biomedical research, biotechnology and digital communication
Biolprof Talk Wikipedia editing in the classroom for Signal Transduction, Developmental Biology, Neuroscience. Research interest: vertebrate photoreceptor development and degeneration.
Bobherry Talk Cells.
Boghog2 Talk Drug targets (enzymes, GPCRs, ion channels, nuclear receptors, etc.), pharmacology, protein structure
BorisTM Talk Here: Primary - Inter and intra cell signaling, Metabolism, Regulation; Secondary - everything else. Outside this project - Neuroscience.
BRD-98 Talk Undergraduate student at UTD studying molecular biology
Brroga Talk Ph.D. in Biochemistry & Biophysics; Postdoc w/ U.S. government; interests: Horizontal gene transfer, Microbiology, Yeast genetics, Drug design, Antibiotic resistance, Structural Biology
Bueller 007 Talk Genetics, PCR, bioinformatics, etc.
Carbonrodney Talk its all good
Cariaso Talk Bioinformatics, snps, microarrays
Carlo Banez Talk
Ceranthor Talk
Cellbio7727 Talk Hello, I am working on a class assignment and am helping edit this page under drsusan1968.
CharlesTheFirst Talk Undergraduate working on the Scaffolding (Bioinformatics) stub for a class. Any advice offered will always be appreciated.
Ciar Talk Molecules and cells of the immune system.
Cieliang Talk PhD student in molecular, cellular & developmental biology. Bioinformatics, RNA-seq, splicing factor mutations, and cancer.
ClockworkSoul Talk Molecular and cellular immunology, pathology, toxicology
clucaj Talk Undergraduate student in developmental biology
Cowbert Talk I currently work on olfactory receptor and other GPCR structure, behavior, and proteomics using bioinformatics, molecular modeling, and molecular dynamics tools. Other MCB interests and background include molecular immunology.
Dakar Talk I am a college student currently majoring in Microbiology.
Dandan Talk Graduate student in cancer genetics, bioinformatics, immunology and microbiology. Particularly interested in evolution and parasitology.
Danielkueh Talk PhD in Biology. Trained neuroscientist.
Danko Georgiev MD Talk I participate in creation/editting of some entries in molecular neuroscience, though in the future I might contribute to areas outside neurobiology
Darnelr Talk RNA biology, Neuroscience, Cancer Biology, Paraneoplastic Syndromes, Immunology
dchauss Talk Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Lens biology, Immunology, Crispr/cas9
Dcirovic Talk Drug Design, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Structural Biology, Immunology
delldot Talk
DGG Talk phylogenetics, especially with respect to consistency on the Wikipedia pages
Dh92 Talk MD/PhD candidate with expertise in GPCRs, regulation of gene expression, and mRNA processing
Diptanshu.D Talk
Dmitry Dzhagarov Talk Molecular biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, cell biology, immunology, stem cells, induced stem cells.
Drbogdan Talk Molecular Biology, Biochemical Pharmacology, Clinical Chemistry.
Dr.saptarshi Talk integrative biology of all the systems, cell biology of signaling, tissue biology, transdifferentiation, stem cell niche etc etc
EdJohnston Talk Phylogenetics, bioinformatics
Egelerp Talk 4th year undergraduate student of biochemistry. I'm glad to be able to contribute to the project that has been such a valuable resource for me over the years.
Emma.parkins Talk PhD student, microRNAs in neurological disease
Emw2012 Talk Bioinformatics, protein structure prediction, protein design
Evgeny.dubinin Talk Head of one of the leading restriction enzymes producer
Evolution and evolvability Talk PhD in experimental enzyme evolution. I've worked mainly on proteases but hopefully may be of use for more general evolution and enzymology topics.
Fabi Fuu 76 Talk Master in molecular life science, with research in cancer metabolism. I mainly contribute on biochemistry, cancer biology, and cancer therapy.
Flakinho Talk
Flyguy649 Talk Cell trafficking and developmental biology using Drosophila; other interests: cell signaling
FrozenMan Talk I am a Neuroscience and Economics double major at Middlebury College in Vermont
Fylbecatulous Talk Retired medical practitioner and journalist with talent in writing for laypersons. Heavy into WikiGryphon maintenance of article integrity
GACGGT Talk Muscle Biology, Neuromuscular Junction, cell signaling, receptor tyrosine kinases, aging.
Geneticcuckoo Talk Genetics, Structural Rearrangements, Cancer, Want to improve science communication and took part in Ada Lovelace day Wiki Edit-a-thon
Genome42 Talk My name is Larry Moran. I am a retired Professor of Biochemistry and I'm interested in a variety of subjects such as molecular evolution, genomes, junk DNA, and science education.
Geoking66 Talk Nucleic acids, chromosones, WikiGnoming (minor edits for æsthetic or grammatical/spelling purposes)
Giftiger wunsch Talk Molecular genetics, lysosomal storage disorders, and endocrine immunology.
Gilded Snail Talk Biochemistry, molecular genetics. Not much expertise, mostly a copy editing gnome.
Gorton k Talk Anything on my course! (2nd year biochemistry and molecular biology, and cell development and behaviour)
GrahamColm Talk Mainly virology
Grahm Gessner Talk Integral membrane proteins and transporters, Protein Biochemistry
GraybeardBiochemist Talk Metabolism and its regulation, Protein Biochemistry, Insect Biochemistry
GTF17 Talk I study nitrogen fixing bacteria. Grad student
Gtsulab Talk Working on inviting/introducing experts to update scientific content as part of the Gene Wiki project.
Hannes Röst Talk Biochemistry, Structure, Bioinformatics, Comp. Biology
Happyphenol Talk Just a bio student
HeyElliott Talk
HistidinFan Talk Student of biochemistry
Id711 Talk Working on my PhD, interested in: Stem cells, Developmental Biology, and Epigenetics
Independovirus Talk Stem cells, cancer, viruses, immunology, molecular genetics
Inositol Talk
IntegralPython Talk I like doing things with stuff
InvertedRepeat Talk Biochemist: Interested in structural biology, biophysics, chemical biology and Omics
i9606 Talk Bioinformatics. Interested in building a good, up-to-date article for every human gene. Also interested in the semantic web.
Italienmoose Talk
Iztwoz Talk General helper
Jao82 Talk Ph.D. in Immunology with interests in glycobiology (esp. Siglecs), cell signaling, and cell death pathways.
Jatlas Talk B.S. in pharmacology from UCSB. Interested in medicinal mushrooms like Agaricus blazei.
Jayme Benson Talk Student with an avid interest in cellular and molecular biology, along with biochemistry.
Jcwhizz Talk Structural biologist and bioinformatician. Primary expertise proteases (and enzymes in general) and protease inhibitors, serpins
JeanOhm Talk Retired cell biologist
Jeyradan Talk Ph.D. student: Biochemistry and molecular biology; focus on molecular (experimental) oncology.
Jgedwards Talk Retired academic with interest in beta thymosins.
jimhsu77479 Talk MD/PhD candidate in the field of molecular neuroscience with interest in cell signaling, bioinformatics, molecular biology
jmcclare Talk General, neurochemistry
joflaher Talk Biochemistry and cell signaling of polyunsaturated fatty acid metabolites and other lipids; G protein-coupled receptors; roles of these in human diseases
JonMoulton Talk Molecular biology, antisense, Morpholinos and their applications
Jfdwolff Talk Clinical biochemistry and clinically relevant enzymes/proteins
Jshatan Talk Work at New York Genome Center (in fundraising) and help edit the Wikipedia entry.
Jvbishop Talk Attempting to tackle the Cell theory page
JustinWesterfield Talk Biophysics graduate student working on peptides.
jyaron Talk Genetics, Cell, and Developmental Biology. Working on Replisome.
Kanglindb Talk Bioinformatics, genetics
Kantokano Talk Immunology postdoc - currently working on T cells
katbartlow Talk Biology/neuroscience professor at a four-year college. Special interests in teaching cell biology and in dopaminergic neurotransmission.
kaushlendratripathi Talk biology,Immunology, topics that border on molecular biology and biochemistry, cell biology in general;
Kehrbykid Talk Pursuing a PhD in Biochemistry. Interested in mechanisms and anything to do with enzymes.
Kep17 Talk Pursuing an undergraduate degree in biochemistry, currently editing the Protein Biosynthesis wikipedia article.
Kinkreet Talk Biochemistry, with special interests in cytoskeleton, metabolic pathways, cancer and immunology.
Kjaergaard Talk Biophysical and structural aspects of proteins.
Klortho Talk I'm a bioinformatics master's degree student and employee at PMC; I'd like to help wherever I can.
Kupirijo Talk General
Kvasir7 Talk Microbiome/host interactions, bioinformatics, PhD student in molecular biology.
Lactamase Talk Scientist studying retina - cell biology, biochemistry, neuroscience, protein structure...
LasseFolkersen Talk
Ldlten Talk I have a PhD in Molecular Biology and I study DNA Replication and DNA Repair
Lee Bardwell Talk I am a Professor of Developmental and Cell Biology at the Univ. of Calif., Irvine
Leonardo Gonzalez Talk Computational and molecular biology
Brian Harkness Talk Hobby Level interst in human molecular biology with speical interest in B-Vitamin metabolism and Neuroschemistry
Liveste Talk Biochemistry, Drug Design, Epigenetics, Immunology, Structural Biology
Laura Hoopes Talk Professor emerita in biochemistry/molecular biology,PhD in genetics/biochemistry, interest in transcriptional regulation,epigenetics, germ cells, aging
logophile59 Talk I am a scientist and editor with interests in biochemistry, cell biology, chemical biology, immunology, microbiology, systems biology and synthetic biology. PhD in immunology (but that was a long time ago.)
Lord Metroid Talk Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, fascinated by the molecular mechanics that makes up life. Loves the theory but loath laborative work in the courses.
Lumican Talk Biochemistry, Matrix biology, bone and joint diseases
MAPK4 Talk Ancestral protein reconstruction, improving photosynthetic yields, unnatural amino acid use
Matt Harbowy Talk General
Mattias Collin Talk PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology (Antibody structure and function with focus on glycosylation and effector functions). Have started to review Antibody and IgG
McDonald, Ian Talk PhD in bioinformatics (and, more recently, digital media)
MDougM Talk Graduate student in Materials Science (specializing in biomaterials, particularly lipid bilayer interactions); currently working on several bilayer-related articles
Melchior Philips Talk Dutch student of Life Sciences; sporadically expands stubs and corrects information/wiki-formatting, primarily within molecular biology and biochemistry.
messengercrow Talk PhD in Molecular Biology and genetic engineering, MSc in Biotechnology, BSc in Chemistry. Area of interest:molecular biology, virology, cloning, stem cell
Michellemoore1219 Talk General Autodidact interested in anything and everything.
mmcerveira Talk Undergraduate student, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Cell Biology. Federal University of Pelotas/Currently in an exchange program at SUNY Plattsburgh.
Moosepuggle Talk Undergraduate, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Chemistry, University of Arizona. Undergrad research characterizing gastropod Hox genes.
Mr Unknown233 Talk I like Experimenting with Biological Chemicals
Mysteriumen Talk Student of Pharmacy
mjharrison Talk PhD in glycobiology/glycoprotein chemistry, now working in bioinformatics/glycoinformatics at the European Bioinformatics Institute, Cambridge, UKqqqq
Narayanese Talk PhD student, primarily doing bioinformatics. Interested in stem cells, transcription and RNA processing.
nbauman Talk I use Wikipedia to get through the molecular biology in the New England Journal of Medicine
Nibblesnbits Talk Enzyme Kinetics, Molecular Biology, Enzyme Inhibition, Drug Discovery
Nicolas Perrault Talk Cytoskeleton and Cell division
Niels Olson Talk Immunohistochemistry, pathology, tissue microarrays
njr24 Talk Speaking up for plant molecular and cell biology!
OldakQuill Talk
Oscar Wilkins Talk Molecular biology, biophysics, neurodegeneration
Opabinia regalis Talk Protein structure and folding, computational biology
Orangutans Talk Cytoskeleton, microtubules
Panzer VI-II Talk Stem Cell, Aging and Regeneration.
Parutakupiu Talk
Pdcook Talk PhD in biochemistry. Interested in protein structure and function (x-ray crystallography and kinetics), cofactors/coenzymes, antibiotic biosynthesis and resistance.
Pejhman Talk Final year Medical Microbiology and Immunology student (B. Sc. (Adv.)), particularly interested in S. aureus and quorum sensing.
PKS615 Talk As a structural biologist using cryo-electron microscopy (Cryo-EM), x-ray crystallography, surface plasma resonance (SPR), Analytical Ultracentrifuge (AU) and more to decipher bioenergetics and chemotaxis at sub-cellular level.
PiWi Talk Doctoral student in chemical biology with an focus on viral protein biosynthesis.
ppgardne Talk I'm interested in all things ncRNA related. I work on the Rfam database.
Promethes720 Talk Finishing undergrad in Biology, then acquiring MAT to teach high school bio. Mainly interested in assessment of articles for quality, importance, citations, and photos. I also do some copyediting. Very little content editing as of right now. Also member of related Wikiprojects.
Protonk Talk No specific microbiology training whatsoever. Sophisticated selective bovine effluent heuristic blocking abilities. When do I get my gun?
PyruvateDehydrogenase Talk Biochemistry and structural biology
Quantum7 Talk Graduate student in bioinformatics. Protein structure & evolution
Qwerty0 Talk Graduated with a B.S. in Biology (molecular concentration) in May '08. Worked on a protozoan parasite (Giardia lamblia) the past few years.
Rambunctious Racoon Talk 2nd year undergraduate in microbiology. Significant lab experience with Escherichia coli, Mus musculus, and Trichoderma reesei. I probably can't contribute all that much, but I do love hunting down citations!
RC Howe Talk BS in Biochemistry, BS in Computer Science. Interested in cancer bioinformatics.
Reo On Talk Plant hormonne, plant cell biology (especially topics related to hormonne transport regulation - trafficking, polarity etc )
Reza Rezaei Javan Talk Molecular Biology and Pathology of Viruses. Interested in almost anything to do with DNA.
RE73 Talk Interested in all things protein and RNA. I work for the Pfam and Rfam databases.
Rich Farmbrough Talk Everything, latterly bioinformatics.
Richard Decal Talk Undergraduate biochemist hoping to help improve articles.
Richard Decal Talk Undergraduate biochemist hoping to help improve articles.
User:RockMagnetist Talk I am a geophysics professor with some expertise in magnetotaxis, and I would like to improve the articles related to this subject.
Rockpocket Talk Neurobiology. Especially olfaction, pheromones, behaviour and molecular evolution of gene families.
Rod57 Talk Interested in eg. Cancer_immunotherapy, signalling pathways in cancer, and drugs acting on them
Roadnottaken Talk Graduate student - proteomics, mass-spectrometry, lipid- and protein-biochemistry, endocannabinoids & neurotransmission.
Robotsintrouble Talk General
Rosie Redfield Talk Natural competence and transformation. genetic exchange in bacteria. Molecular evolution.
Rritterson Talk General principals and methods of biophysics; protein design and engineering; cell-cell adhesion.
Sakimonk Talk Have a BSc in Biochemistry and an MSc in Radiobiology. Interested in improving general articles on the molecular biology of oncology and neurology.
Saltwolf Talk Graduated with a B.Sc. in Biochemistry, now a Patent Attorney looking to refresh my science chops.
Sangak Talk Structural Biology (NMR), Nano-biotechnology, Biophotonics, Motor proteins and cytoskeleton.
User:ScienceWriterK Talk Cancer, Immunology, Hepatology, Gastrointestinal Disease, Neuroscience, Cell and Molecular Biology
Seans Potato Business Talk Protein engineering, gene therapy, viral vectors and pseudotyping.
Seppi333 Talk Personal interests: function and signal transduction of human trace amine-associated receptors; applications of deep learning, NLP, and bioinformatic algorithms on both medical records and multiomics data; applications of statistical methods to multiomics data (i.e., trans-ome-wide association studies). Editing interests: virtually all MCB-related topical areas.
SepehrAln Talk Undergrad Biology Student
Shanata Talk
Sherry Ogg Talk JHU instructor: molecular biology, biofuels, agricultural biotechnology, bioinformatics
Shinryuu Talk I'm currently an grad student in biology/biomedicine.
SierraSciSPA Talk Telomeres, telomerase, cell senescence, aging. I work at a biotech lab and have access to expert opinions on these subjects.
Sinharaja2002 Talk Cellular metabolism, Microbial metabolism
Smartse Talk Mainly botanical cell biology but also anything else I read about. Undergrad at Girton College, Cambridge University
Spirit Ethanol Talk
Splette Talk Cytoskeleton, computational biology, images
Staranise Talk
Ste1n Talk I have been educated in biotech, but currently I'm mostly into bioinformatics, esp. automated Swanson linking and other forms of text mining.
SteveChervitzTrutane Talk Ph.D. in MCD biology focussed on structure function relationships in a bacterial chemotaxis cell-surface receptor. Now work as a bioinformatician at a biotech company with expertise in genomics, microarrays, functional genomics, and data standards.
Stewartadcock Talk
Shinyapple Talk I wish to make things easier to understand, though the art of explication (look it up).
ThatBrownGuyy Talk Physics student with an interest in biochemistry, protein translation, and computational biophysics.
That Coptic Guy Talk Concentration in Neuroscience with a great interest in biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, and psychopharmacology
Thorwald Talk Bioinformatics / computational biology, protein-protein interaction prediction, drug discovery
Timlev37 Talk Membrane contact sites, Structural bioinformatics, HHpred / HHsearch. Intracellular lipid traffic as a way to probe nanometer-scale adaptations of intracellular anatomy
Tim Vickers Talk Enzymes, enzyme kinetics, enzyme inhibition and pathogens. Metabolic Pathways (General, particularly metabolism of parasites, detoxification and antioxidants.)
tsjipko Talk Signal transduction, cell migration.
Tuzzagio Talk Master degree student. Interested in ncRNAs, cytoskeleton and cancer.
TwoOars Talk
Tycho Talk
Tyrol5 Talk General molecular biology, biochemistry.
Ufpete Talk I'm a professor at the University of Florida interested in reproductive biology and embryology.
uploadvirus Talk I'm a lung cancer researcher interested in molecular cancer biology, particularly that of rarer histologival variants of lung carcinomas. I'm also interested in collaborating with others on peer-reviewed manuscripts.
Victoramuse Talk PhD in biology from Catholic University of America.
Vivek Rai Talk Undergraduate student with interest in molecular biology, immunology, genomics, and bioinformatics.
VQuakr Talk Hobby-level interest in molecular biology.
Willow Talk Proteins and other basic biochemistry.
Xris0 Talk Graduate student in medical sciences, interested in biogerontology/biomedical-gerontology (Vitae Institute CEO) and neurosciences.
Yash! Talk Interested in medical related topics.
YuliaRozanova Talk Basal body, transport via karyopherins, localization sequences, mouse genetics.
Zecrah Talk Biomedical science student aiming for an immunological/virological career
Zephyris Talk Metabolic Pathways
Zynwyx Talk Undergraduate student in chemistry and cell biology
Ankit2299 TALK Cell structure and Cell orgenelle
Zyc1174 Talk Just interested.
FurryFrank Talk Iam a DO/PhD student in Translational Biomedical Sciences performing cardiovascular research. My research interests focus on the Wnt signaling pathway in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular disease.
Artoria2e5 Yell Just things I can do in front of a computer, like linking articles to bioinfomatic databases (mainly UniProt and InterPro).
Entropygenetic Talk Electrophoresis and technique of separation and selection of exclusive receptors for cancer cells, CMI quail egg vaccines, genetic entropy in old age and at the population level acting by evolutionary engines.