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Any Wikipedian may participate in this project to better organize information in articles related to Norway. Most of these articles are categorized under Category Norway and subcategories. This page and its subpages contain their suggestions; it is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of other Wikipedians. If you would like to help, please include yourself as participant, and inquire on the talk page and see the to-do list there.


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Cooperation and coordination

The effort should be coordinated with the Norwegian (bokmål) and the Norwegian (nynorsk) Wikipedias. Specific topics might have their own WikiProject or task force. Advice and cooperation regarding such areas of interest could be sought there as well.

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This project has several ongoing taks at hand you can help with. The to do list can be found here.

The list of request articles is here.


This project has an assessment department. If you would like to contribute to or have questions regarding this part of the project please visit this page.

General conventions

Sentences in italics indicate things to do. Please participate, and remove the remark when done.


For administrative units and geographical entities, the official Norwegian name [1] is used for the article, with redirects for English names when known. There is no reason to invent new English names, and it is undesirable as it introduces confusion.

Historical names

The many variations in rendering Norwegian names into English in histories and older literature should be honored when quoting or using original sources. Within the text of an article, historical names may be used if followed by the official Norwegian name in parentheses (e.g., “King Olaf (A.D. 1015-1021) summoned the people of the districts of Lesjar (Lesja) and Vagar (Vågå) to a Thing.”). If the modern name is unknown, the historical name alone may be used.

Conflicting guidance among Scandinavian countries

The Norwegian naming convention should be followed for discussions of Norway and Norwegian geography.

When Scandinavian history conflicts occur, the list of European regions with alternative names should be consulted, and for Norwegian topics the Norwegian convention followed. For example, the list indicates that Jämtland is the preferred form for the province that in Norwegian history is likely to appear by its former Norwegian name, Jemtland. Within the text of an article, historical names should be used if followed by alternative forms of the name in parentheses (e.g., “Sweden occupied the undefended Norwegian province of Jemtland (now Jämtland).”).

Sub-municipality names

If no official Norwegian name is available, follow the guidance of ISO 3166-2:NO, which is an ISO standard which defines geocodes: it is the subset of ISO 3166-2 which applies to Norway. For locales not covered by the standard, the form in Veiatlas Norge published by Statens Kartverk should be used.

Other geographic features

If no commonly accepted English form exists, the form in Veiatlas Norge should be used. A commonly accepted form exists if, and only if, a substantial majority (>75%) of published literature in English uses that form.

When first using the name for a geographic feature, check in the category listings (Category:Lakes of Norway, Category:Valleys of Norway, Category:Mountains of Norway, Category:Glaciers of Norway, Category:National parks of Norway, Category:Rivers of Norway, Category:Bridges in Norway, Category:Fjords of Norway and so forth) to see if there is a previously established usage. Discussions of name choices should occur on category specific pages.

Avoid clumsy wording

Try to avoid wording that appears clumsy to readers who are fluent in both English and Norwegian.

Instead of The Nidelv river flows... or The river Nidelv flows...., use the Nidelv is a river that flows... to avoid the equivalent words (elv in Norwegian, river in English) appearing next to each other.


All measures are in SI units, like km, km². Imperial units in parenthesis are not required.

Pre-metric measures are found in Medieval weights and measures#Norwegian system. Archaic measures may be applicable for articles on history. If possible, include conversion.

Administrative units


The Norwegian word "fylke" is translated into "county" in English. See Counties of Norway for an introduction, and a complete list. There is also a Category:Counties of Norway.

Article format

With the exception of Oslo, which is also a municipality and uses the municipality layout, county articles use the Infobox_Fylke template, which shows the coat of arms and a map.

The regional GDP numbers are from Statistics Norway. [2] [3]


The maps used are the county maps from commons:Maps of Norway made by no:Bruker:Martin


The ISO 3166-2:NO geocode is listed for each county.


The Norwegian words "kommune" and "herad" are translated into "municipality" in English. See Municipalities of Norway for a description and a complete list. There is also a Category:Municipalities of Norway

Article format

Each municipality has its own article. The articles should use the Infobox_Kommune template, which shows the coat of arms, maps, and various statistics. The maps are automatically rendered. Each article should at the end contain a county-wide navigation template listing all the municipalities in the county.

Coat of arms

The coat of arms must be with transparency (not white background), so that they will work with different types of backgrounds.


Each municipality article contains geographical coordinates as given by Statkart. The coordinates contain a click-through to map resources. There are direct links to topographical maps on Inatur, and direct links to road maps on Gule Sider. Norgesglasset, Visveg, and are also good maps, but direct links does not seem to be possible.


The ISO 3166-2:NO-based geocode is listed for each municipalitiy. The complete list can be found in Municipalities of Norway by number.


Norwegian: landsdel

For lack of a better word, these are called regions.

See Regions of Norway for a list.

Traditional districts

See Category:Districts of Norway for an incomplete list, and an explanation of the term.


Data in the infoboxes is collected from:


There is a Category:Geography of Norway for articles about the geography of Norway. This category should contain as few articles as possible; articles should preferably be put into a suitable subcategory if one exists.

Stubs should not be marked with the ((Norway-geo-stub)) template, but a county-specific stub tag (e.g. ((SognFjordane-geo-stub))), unless it's an offshore or Svalbard related article. For a full list of stub tags, see Category:Norway geography stubs.

Municipality articles

Articles about municipalities should contain the following elements, the order of which can also serve as an outline:

Cities, towns, and centers


Category Settlements in Norway not found

In 2005, there were 93 cities and towns in Norway [6]. No particular distinction between city and town exists in Norway, they are all called by. In Wikipedia, we have chosen to use the term city where township was received before 1996, and town where, after the reform in 1996, township was declared by the municipality board.

In addition, there are residential or commercial centers - known as tettsted/tettstad in Norwegian - that aren't as self-contained as conventional villages, but have not received town status, usually because they are too small to qualify as towns. Typically, such centers were previously the sites of local markets and therefore were the homes of merchants, craftsmen, and others not tied to land.


Biographies should fullfill the Wikipedia:criteria for inclusion of biographies.Biographies normally appear on List of Norwegians. This is also a good place for listing people who obviously needs a biography.

Categories for these biographies are:

Articles that in an obvious manner are too short for the subject should be tagged with ((Norway-bio-stub)). If a tag also exists for their occupation, please add this as well.


Article on Norwegian monarchs should use the succession box template, although older infoboxes have also been used. See List of Norwegian monarchs for a complete list. There is also a Category:Norwegian monarchs.

Naming policy

The current naming is not consistent. The following is a proposal. The naming of monarchs should be true to the form used in the historical sources yet not alienating for the modern, international reader. It also needs to be consistent with Wikipedia.

The early kings use a form of the name consistent with the sources (Heimskringla et al), but using latin transcription. The article should show (in parenthesis) the Old Norse and the modern Norwegian form, and redirects should exist for any relevant form. The article title should be in the normal Wikipedia form for monarchs, but references should be with the byname when this is in common use, or with the patronym otherwise. Bynames should be in English when this is known from other sources, but names should not be invented.

Some examples:

Article Usage Old Norse Norwegian
Harald I of Norway Harald Fairhair Haraldr hinn hárfagri Harald Hårfagre
Eirik I of Norway Eirik Bloodaxe Eiríkr blóðöx Eirik Blodøks
Håkon I of Norway Håkon the Good Hákon Aðalsteinsfóstri Håkon den Gode
Olaf Óláfr Olav
Sigurd Sigurðr Sigurd
Eystein Eysteinn Øystein


Prime ministers

There is one biography article per prime minister. Prime minister articles use the succession box template. See List of Prime Ministers of Norway for a complete list. There is also a Category:Norwegian politicians.


The main article is History of Norway. But see also:

Categories for historical articles are:

Areas Under Development

Economy of Norway

The main article is Economy of Norway

Architecture of Norway

The main article should be Architecture of Norway. Each notable architect should have his/her own article, categorized under Norwegian architects

Norwegian literature

I made this based on the french version: template:norwegian literature. It should not be applied as it is today, but I will work on it. Ehjort 14:33, 24 May 2006 (UTC)[reply]


Other categories related to Norway are:


Photos with artistic value are, according to Norwegian copyright law and unless already free, free 70 years after the year the author died. Snapshot-like photos are free when they are over 50 years old, AND it is more than 15 years after the author died [9] [10]. When uploading old images, the ((PD-old)) tag may be suitable.


Areas needing work

See: Wikipedia:Norway-related topics notice board


Articles in these categories need more work:

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