Lancashire County Council election, 2013

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All 84 seats to Lancashire County Council
43 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
Party Labour Conservative Liberal Democrats
Last election 51 10
Seats won 39 35 6
Seat change Increase23 Decrease16 Decrease4

Map showing the results of the 2013 Lancashire County Council election.

Council control before election


Council control after election

No Overall Control

An election to Lancashire County Council took place on 2 May 2013 as part of the United Kingdom local elections, 2013. 84 councillors were elected from single-member electoral divisions by first-past-the-post for a four-year term of office. Electoral divisions were the same as those at the previous election in 2009. Elections were held in all electoral divisions across the present ceremonial county, excepting Blackpool and Blackburn with Darwen which are unitary authorities in a similar way to Greater Manchester and most of Merseyside. The election saw the Conservative Party lose overall control of the council, instead overtaken in number of seats by the Labour Party, without any absolute majority.

All locally registered electors (British, Irish, Commonwealth and European Union citizens) who were aged 18 or over on Thursday 2 May 2013 were entitled to vote in the local elections. Those who were temporarily away from their ordinary address (for example, away working, on holiday, in student accommodation or in hospital) were also entitled to vote in the local elections,[1] although those who had moved abroad and registered as overseas electors cannot vote in the local elections. It is possible to register to vote at more than one address (such as a university student who had a term-time address and lives at home during holidays) at the discretion of the local Electoral Register Office, but it remains an offence to vote more than once in the same local government election.[2]


Summary of results Burnley Chorley Fylde Hyndburn Lancaster Pendle Preston Ribble Valley Rossendale South Ribble West Lancashire Wyre Total
Labour 4 4 0 5 5 2 6 0 3 3 5 2 39
Conservative 0 3 4 1 4 2 3 4 2 4 3 5 35
Liberal Democrats 2 0 0 0 0 2 1 0 0 1 0 0 6
Green 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1
Independent 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 3



Seat Result Majority
Burnley Central East Labour GAIN from Liberal Democrat 1,347
Burnley Central West Labour GAIN from Liberal Democrat 7
Burnley North East Labour GAIN from Liberal Democrat 1,029
Burnley Rural Liberal Democrat hold 206
Burnley South West Liberal Democrat hold 136
Padiham and Burnley West Labour GAIN from British National Party 954


Seat Result Majority
Chorley East Labour hold 1,127
Chorley North Conservative hold 184
Chorley Rural East Labour GAIN from Conservative 556
Chorley Rural North Conservative hold 123
Chorley Rural West Conservative hold 438
Chorley South Labour GAIN from Conservative 947
Chorley West Labour GAIN from Conservative 609


Seat Result Majority
Fylde East Independent hold 1,353
Fylde South Conservative hold 522
Fylde West Independent hold 415
Lytham Conservative hold 873
St Annes North Conservative GAIN from Liberal Democrat 207
St Annes South Conservative hold 541


Seat Result Majority
Accrington North Labour GAIN from Independent 243
Accrington South Labour hold 158
Accrington West Labour GAIN from Conservative 919
Great Harwood Labour hold 390
Oswaldtwistle Conservative hold 441
Rishton and Clayton-le-Moors Labour hold 1,108


Seat Result Majority
Heysham Conservative hold 52
Lancaster Central Green hold 340
Lancaster East Labour GAIN from Green 115
Lancaster Rural East Conservative hold 995
Lancaster Rural North Conservative hold 527
Lancaster South East Labour GAIN from Conservative 247
Morecambe North Conservative hold 561
Morecambe South Labour GAIN from Conservative 84
Morecambe West Labour hold 65
Skerton Labour hold 678


Seat Result Majority
Brierfield and Nelson North Labour hold 1,560
Nelson South Labour hold 1,113
Pendle Central Liberal Democrat GAIN from Conservative 191
Pendle East Conservative hold 944
Pendle West Conservative hold 619
West Craven Liberal Democrat GAIN from Conservative 179


Seat Result Majority
Preston Central North Labour hold 1,795
Preston Central South Labour hold 1,187
Preston City Labour hold 1,265
Preston East Labour hold 947
Preston North Conservative hold 957
Preston North East Conservative hold 161
Preston North West Labour GAIN from Liberal Democrat 449
Preston Rural Conservative hold 1,295
Preston South East Labour hold 1,346
Preston West Liberal Democrat hold 184

Ribble Valley

Seat Result Majority
Clitheroe Conservative GAIN from Liberal Democrat 45
Longridge with Bowland Conservative hold 1,306
Ribble Valley North East Conservative hold 1,125
Ribble Valley South West Conservative hold 1,564


Seat Result Majority
Rossendale East Labour GAIN from Conservative 133
Rossendale North Labour GAIN from Conservative 254
Rossendale South Conservative hold 162
Rossendale West Conservative hold 32
Whitworth Labour GAIN from Conservative 407

South Ribble

Seat Result Majority
Bamber Bridge and Walton-le-Dale Labour GAIN from Conservative 31
Farington Conservative hold 22
Leyland Central Labour GAIN from Conservative 341
Leyland South West Conservative hold 212
Penwortham North Liberal Democrat hold 459
Penwortham South Labour GAIN from Conservative 187
South Ribble Rural East Conservative GAIN from Idle Toad 672
South Ribble Rural West Conservative hold 957

West Lancashire

Seat Result Majority
Ormskirk West Labour GAIN from Conservative 318
Skelmersdale Central Labour hold 1,553
Skelmersdale East Labour GAIN from Conservative 648
Skelmersdale West Labour hold 1,809
West Lancashire East Conservative hold 630
West Lancashire North Conservative hold 1,019
West Lancashire South Conservative hold 594
West Lancashire West Labour GAIN from Conservative 292


Seat Result Majority
Amounderness Conservative hold 664
Fleetwood East Labour hold 760
Fleetwood West Labour GAIN from Conservative 459
Garstang Independent GAIN from Conservative 61
Poulton-le-Fylde Conservative hold 1,091
Thornton-Cleveleys Central Conservative hold 312
Thornton-Cleveleys North Conservative hold 310
Wyreside Conservative hold 1,869


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