75th Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards
DateJanuary 6–7, 2024
Presented byAcademy of Television Arts & Sciences
Most awardsThe Last of Us (8)
Most nominationsThe Last of Us (19)
Television/radio coverage
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The 75th Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards honored the best in artistic and technical achievement in American prime time television programming from June 1, 2022, until May 31, 2023, as chosen by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.[1] The awards were presented on January 6 and 7, 2024, after being postponed from September 9 and 10, 2023, due to the 2023 Hollywood labor disputes.[2][3] Nominations were announced on July 12, 2023.[4]

FXX holds the U.S. rights to broadcast the Creative Arts Emmy Awards.[5]

Winners and nominees

Winners are listed first, highlighted in boldface, and indicated with a double dagger (‡).[6][a] Sections are based upon the categories listed in the 2022–2023 Emmy rules and procedures.[1] Area awards and juried awards are denoted next to the category names as applicable.[b] For simplicity, producers who received nominations for program awards have been omitted.


Outstanding Innovation in Emerging Media Programming (Juried)
No award given[7]





Art Direction

Art Direction
  • Only Murders in the Building: "Sparring Partners" / "I Know Who Did It" – Patrick Howe, Jordan Jacobs, and Rich Murray (Hulu)
    • The Bear: "System" – Sam Lisenco, Eric Dean, and Emily Carter (FX)
    • How I Met Your Father: "The Reset Button" / "Ride or Die" / "Daddy" – Glenda Rovello, Conny Boettger-Marinos, and Amy Beth Feldman (Hulu)
    • Schmigadoon!: "Famous as Hell" – Jamie Walker McCall, Ryan Garton, Gregory Clarke, and Carol Lavallee (Apple TV+)
    • What We Do in the Shadows: "The Night Market" – Shayne Fox, Aaron Noël, and Kerri Wylie (FX)


  • The Traitors – Erin Tomasello, Jazzy Collins, Moira Paris, and Holly Osifat (Peacock)
    • Love Is Blind – Donna Driscoll, Stephanie Lewis, and Claire Loeb (Netflix)
    • Queer Eye – Quinn Fegan, Jessica Jorgensen, Keya Mason, and Lauren Levine (Netflix)
    • RuPaul's Drag Race – Goloka Bolte, Ethan Petersen, Adam Cook, and Michelle Redwine (MTV)
    • Top Chef – Ron Mare, Sena Rich, and Erinlee Skilton (Bravo)




  • Welcome to Wrexham: "Do or Die" – Alastair McKevitt, Craig Hastings, Leighton Cox, and Jason Bulley (FX)
    • The Amazing Race – Joshua Gitersonke, Bryan T. Adams, Kathryn Barrows, Josh Bartel, Kurt Carpenter, David D'Angelo, Matthew Di Girolamo, Adam Haisinger, Robert Howsam, Kevin R. Johnson, Jay Kaufman, Ian Kerr, Daniel Long, Lucas Kenna Mertes, Ryan Shaw, and Alan Weeks (CBS)
    • Deadliest Catch: "Call of a New Generation" – David Reichert, Charlie Beck, Bryan Miller, Todd Stanley, Shane Moore, Nathan Garofalos, and David Arnold (Discovery Channel)
    • Life Below Zero: "The Pursuit" – Danny Day, Simeon Houtman, Jason Hubbell, Ben Mullin, and Zach Vincent (Nat Geo)
    • Survivor – Peter Wery, Scott Duncan, Russ Fill, George Andrews, Tim Barker, Marc Bennett, Paulo Castillo, Rodney Chauvin, Chris Ellison, Nixon George, Matthias Hoffmann, Toby Hogan, Derek Holt, Efrain "Mofi" Laguna, Ian Miller, Nico Nyoni, Paul Peddinghaus, Jeff Phillips, Nejc Poberaj, Daniel Powell, Louis Powell, Jovan Sales, Erick Sarmiento, Dirk Steyn, John Tattersall, Holly Thompson, Paulo Velozo, Cullum Andrews, Christopher Barker, Granger Scholtz, Nic Van Der Westhuizen, and Dwight Winston (CBS)


  • "The Greatest – Accessibility" – Somesuch and Apple (Apple)
    • "Call Me with Timothée Chalamet" – MJZ and Media Arts Lab (Apple TV+)
    • "Cost of Beauty" – Smuggler and Ogilvy (Dove)
    • "Forever" – Sanctuary (The Farmer's Dog)
    • "Quiet the Noise" – Iconoclast TV and Media Arts Lab (AirPods)
    • "R.I.P. Leon" – Biscuit Filmworks and Apple (Apple)
    • "The Singularity" – Smuggler and Squarespace (Squarespace)


  • The Great: "Choose Your Weapon" – Sharon Long, Claire Tremlett, Basia Kuznar, and Anna Lau (Hulu)
  • Beef: "The Birds Don't Sing, They Screech in Pain" – Helen Huang, Austin Wittick, YJ Hwang, and Mark Anthony Summers (Netflix)
    • Dolly Parton's Mountain Magic Christmas – Provi Fulp, Jose Ramos, and Steve Summers (NBC)
    • Fleishman Is in Trouble: "Me-Time" – Leah Katznelson, Angel Peart, Katie Novello, Deirdre Wegner, and Anne Newton-Harding (FX)
    • Swarm: "Honey" – Dominique Dawson, Brittny Chapman, and Mashal Khan (Prime Video)
    • The Watcher: "Welcome, Friends" – Lou Eyrich, Rudy Mance, Catherine Crabtree, and Zakiya Dennis (Netflix)




  • The White Lotus: "Abductions" – Miia Kovero, Elena Gregorini, and Italo Di Pinto (HBO)
    • Abbott Elementary: "Festival" – Moira Frazier, Dustin Osborne, and Christina Joseph (ABC)
    • Emily in Paris: "Coo D'état" – Carole Nicolas, Mike Désir, Frédéric Souquet, Miharu Oshima, Jessie Durimel, and Julien Parizet (Netflix)
    • The Last of Us: "Long, Long Time" – Chris Glimsdale, Penny Thompson, and Courtney Ullrich (HBO)
    • Only Murders in the Building: "I Know Who Did It" – Betsy Reyes, Tonia Ciccone, Fabian Garcia, and Kerrie Smith (Hulu)
    • P-Valley: "Snow" – Arlene Martin, Latoya Kelley Howard, Kasi York, LeVura Geuka, and Jason Yancey (Starz)
    • Ted Lasso: "So Long, Farewell" – Nicky Austin, Nikki Springall, Sophie Roberts, and Nicola Pope (Apple TV+)
  • We're Here: "St. George, Utah" – Abdiel "Gloria" Urcullu and Tyler Funicelli (HBO)

Lighting Design / Lighting Direction

Lighting Design and Lighting Direction
  • Dancing with the Stars: "Semi Finals" – Noah Mitz, Michael Berger, Patrick Brazil, Andrew Law, Matt Benson, Matt McAdam, and Luke Chantrell (Disney+)
    • America's Got Talent: "Episode 1717" – Noah Mitz, Will Gossett, Ryan Tanker, Patrick Brazil, Jay Koch, Matt Benson, Scott Chmielewski, and Kevin Faust (NBC)
    • American Idol: "Top 20" – Tom Sutherland, Bobby Grey, Nathan Files, James Coldicott, Hunter Selby, Scott Chmielewski, Luke Chantrell, and Ed Moore (ABC)
    • So You Think You Can Dance: "Starry Starry Night" – Robert Barnhart, Matt Firestone, Pete Radice, Patrick Boozer, Jeff Behm, and Christopher Gray (Fox)
    • The Voice: "Live Finale, Part 2" – Oscar Dominguez, Ronald Wirsgalla, Erin Anderson, Andrew Munie, Jeff Shood, Daniel Boland, and Terrance Ho (NBC)
  • 2022 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony – Allen Branton, Darren Langer, Felix Peralta, Kevin Lawson, Alex Flores, Bianca Moncada, Chuck Reilly, and Guy Jones (HBO)
    • Encanto at the Hollywood BowlAl Gurdon, Harry Forster, Bobby Grey, Darien Koop, James Coldicott, Chris Hill, and Ed Moore (Disney+)
    • The 65th Annual Grammy Awards – Noah Mitz, Andy O'Reilly, Patrick Boozer, Ryan Tanker, Madigan Stehly, Bryan Klunder, Erin Anderson, Will Gossett, Matthew Cotter, Terrance Ho, and Guy Jones (CBS)
    • 75th Annual Tony AwardsRobert Dickinson, Noah Mitz, Harry Sangmeister, Tyler Ericson, Richard Beck, Jason Rudolph, JM Hurley, and Ka Lai Wong (CBS)
    • The Weeknd: Live at SoFi Stadium – Jason Baeri, Joe Bay, Kille Knoble, Mark Butts, and Loren Barton (HBO)

Main Title and Motion Design

Main Title and Motion Design
  • The Last of Us – Andy Hall, Nadia Tzuo, Gryun Kim, Min Shi, Jun Kim, and Xiaolin (Mike) Zeng (HBO)
  • Ms. Marvel – Ian Spendloff, David Lochhead, Daniella Marsh, David Stumpf, Philip Robinson, and Matthew Thomas (Disney+)


  • Wednesday: "Woe What a Night" – Tara McDonald, Freda Ellis, Nirvana Jalalvand, Tamara Meade, and Bianca Boeroiu (Netflix)



Picture Editing

Picture Editing
  • Night Court: "Pilot" – Kirk Benson and Chris Poulos (NBC)
    • Call Me Kat: "Call Me Consciously Uncoupled" – Pamela Marshall (Fox)
    • How I Met Your Father: "Daddy" – Russell Griffin (Hulu)
    • The Upshaws: "Duct Up" – Russell Griffin and Angel Gamboa Bryant (Netflix)
    • The Upshaws: "Off Beat" – Angel Gamboa Bryant (Netflix)
  • A Black Lady Sketch Show: "My Love Language Is Words of Defamation" – Stephanie Filo, Malinda Zehner Guerra, and Taylor Joy Mason (HBO)
  • RuPaul's Drag Race: "Wigloose: The Rusical!" – Jamie Martin, Paul Cross, Ryan Mallick, and Michael Roha (MTV)
    • The Amazing Race – Eric Beetner, Kevin Blum, Trevor Campbell, Kellen Cruden, Jay Gammill, Katherine Griffin, Jason Groothuis, Darrick Lazo, Ryan Leamy, Josh Lowry, Paul Nielsen, and Steve Mellon (CBS)
    • Queer Eye: "Speedy for Life" – Toni Ann Carabello, Nova Taylor, Jason Szabo, Widgie Nikia Figaro, Sean Gill, and Kimberly Pellnat (Netflix)
    • Survivor: "Telenovela" – Bill Bowden, Evan Mediuch, Francisco Santa Maria, Plowden Schumacher, Andrew Bolhuis, Jacob Teixeira, and James Ciccarello (CBS)
    • Top Chef – Steve Lichtenstein, Ericka Concha, Blanka Kovacs, Eric Lambert, Matt Reynolds, Jay M. Rogers, Brian Freundlich, Brian Giberson, Malia Jurick, Brian Kane, Daniel Ruiz, Anthony J. Rivard, Annie Tighe, and Tony West (Bravo)
  • Welcome to Wrexham: "Do or Die" – Mohamed El Manasterly, Curtis McConnell, Michael Brown, Charles Little, and Bryan Rowland (FX)
    • Deadliest Catch: "Call of a New Generation" – Rob Butler, Isaiah Camp, Alexandra Moore, Alexander Rubinow, Ian Olsen, Hugh Elliott, and Joe Mikan (Discovery Channel)
    • Life Below Zero: "A Storm to Remember" – Michael Swingler, Tony Diaz, Matt Edwards, Jennifer Nelson, and Tanner Roth (Nat Geo)
    • RuPaul's Drag Race: Untucked: "The Daytona Wind 2" – Matthew D. Miller and Kellen Cruden (MTV)
    • Vanderpump Rules: "Lady and the Glamp" – Jesse Friedman, Tom McCudden, Ramin Mortazavi, Christian Le Guilloux, Paul Peltekian, Sax Eno, and Robert Garry (Bravo)

Sound Editing

Sound Editing
  • The Last of Us: "When You're Lost in the Darkness" – Michael J. Benavente, Joe Schiff, Christopher Battaglia, Chris Terhune, Mitchell Lestner, Jacob Flack, Matt Yocum, Maarten Hofmeijer, Randy Wilson, Justin Helle, David Aquino, Stefan Fraticelli, Jason Charbonneau, and William Kellerman (HBO)
    • Andor: "The Eye" – David Acord, Margit Pfeiffer, Richard Quinn, Jonathan Greber, J.R. Grubbs, John Finklea, Shaun Farley, Shelley Roden, and John Roesch (Disney+)
    • The Boys: "The Instant White-Hot Wild" – Wade Barnett, Chris Kahwaty, Ryan Briley, Jeffrey A. Pitts, Pete Nichols, Christopher Brooks, and James Howe (Prime Video)
    • House of the Dragon: "The Black Queen" – Al Sirkett, Tim Hands, Adele Fletcher, Paula Fairfield, David Klotz, Timeri Duplat, Mathias Schuster, Barnaby Smyth, and Paula Boram (HBO)
    • The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power: "Udûn" – Robert Stambler, Damian Del Borrello, Ailene Roberts, Stefanie Ng, Paula Fairfield, Chris Terhune, James Miller, Michael Baber, Jason Smith, Amy Barber, and Jonathan Bruce (Prime Video)
    • Stranger Things: "Chapter Nine: The Piggyback" – Craig Henighan, William Files, Jill Purdy, Lee Gilmore, Ryan Cole, Korey Pereira, Angelo Palazzo, Katie Halliday, David Klotz, Lena Glikson-Nezhelskaya, Ken McGill, and Steve Baine (Netflix)
  • The Bear: "Review" – Steve "Major" Giammaria, Evan Benjamin, Jonathan Fuhrer, Annie Taylor, Chris White, Leslie Bloome, and Shaun Brennan (FX)
    • Barry: "wow" – Sean Heissinger, Matthew E. Taylor, John Creed, Rickley W. Dumm, Deron Street, Clay Weber, Michael Brake, Darrin Mann, Alyson Dee Moore, and Chris Moriana (HBO)
    • The Mandalorian: "Chapter 24: The Return" – Matthew Wood, Trey Turner, Brad Semenoff, David W. Collins, Luis Galdames, Stephanie McNally, Nicholas Fitzgerald, Joel Raabe, and Shelley Roden (Disney+)
    • Reservation Dogs: "This is Where the Plot Thickens" – Patrick Hogan, David Beadle, Sonya Lindsay, Michael Sana, Daniel Salas, Amber Funk, and Lena Krigen (FX)
    • What We Do in the Shadows: "The Night Market" – Steffan Falesitch, Chris Kahwaty, David Barbee, Steve Griffen, John Guentner, Sam Lewis, and Ellen Heuer (FX)

Sound Mixing

Sound Mixing
  • Elton John Live: Farewell from Dodger Stadium – Michael Abbott, Eric Schilling, Matt Herr, and Alan Richardson (Disney+)
    • Bono & The Edge: A Sort of Homecoming with Dave Letterman – Phil DeTolve, Brian Riordan, and Alastair McMillan (Disney+)
    • The 65th Annual Grammy Awards – Thomas Holmes, John Harris, Eric Schilling, Jeffery Peterson, Ron Reaves, Mike Parker, Andres Arango, Eric Johnston, Christian Schrader, Kristian Pedregon, Juan Pablo Velasco, and Aaron Wall (CBS)
    • Saturday Night Live: "Co-Hosts: Steve Martin & Martin Short" – Robert Palladino, Ezra Matychak, Frank Duca Jr, Caroline Sanchez, Josiah Gluck, Jay Vicari, Tyler McDiarmid, Christopher Costello, Teng Chen, William Taylor, Geoff Countryman, and Devin Emke (NBC)
    • Taylor Hawkins Tribute ConcertBob Clearmountain, Ollie Nesham, Darrell Thorp, Chris Kalcov, Steve Massey, Eduardo Puhl, Will Langdale, Antony King, and Ian Beveridge (Paramount+)

Special Visual Effects

Special Visual Effects
  • Five Days at Memorial: "Day Two" – Eric Durst, Matthew Whelan, Danny McNair, Goran Pavles, Rafael Solórzano, John MacGillivray, Viktor Muller, Manuel Tausch, and Gonzalo Escudero (Apple TV+)
    • The Nevers: "It's a Good Day" – Johnny Han, Jack Geist, Damon Fecht, Alexandre Prod'homme, Emanuel Fuchs, Gaia Bussolati, Ed Bruce, Brian Ali Harding, and Takashi Takeoka (Tubi)
    • Shadow and Bone: "Rusalye" – Ante Dekovic, Helen Jen, Richard Macks, Gergely Galisz, Juri Stanossek, Adam Balentine, Jane Byrne, Håvard Munkejord, and Angel Rico (Netflix)
    • Ted Lasso: "Mom City" – James MacLachlan, Bill Parker, Lenny Wilson, Gretchen Bangs, Brian Hobert, Shiying Li, Kenneth Armstrong, Ying Lin, and Neil Taylor (Apple TV+)
    • The Umbrella Academy: "Marigold" – Everett Burrell, Phillip Hoffman, Dave Axford, Maria Sartzetaki, Sophie Vertigan, Jeff Campbell, Laurent Spillemaecker, Chris White, and Ryan Freer (Netflix)
    • Wednesday: "A Murder of Woes" – Tom Turnbull, Kent Johnson, Jesse Kawzenuk, Oana Bardan, Craig Calvert, Ed Englander, John Coldrick, Brodie McNeill, and Jason Troughton (Netflix)


Stunt Coordination

Technical Direction

Technical Direction
  • Dancing with the Stars: "Finale" – Charles Ciup, David Bernstein, Bert Atkinson, Terry Clark, Kary D'Alessandro, James Garcia, Nathanial Havholm, Mark Koonce, Tim Lee, Ron Lehman, Bettina Levesque, Dave Levisohn, Adam Margolis, Derek Pratt, Brian Reason, Philo Solomon, Daryl Studebaker, Marc Stumpo, Damien Tuffereau, and Cary Symmons (Disney+)
    • American Idol: "Season Finale" – Charles Ciup, David Bernstein, Bert Atkinson, Danny Bonilla, Mike Carr, Kary D'Alessandro, Keith Dicker, Curtis Eastwood, Jimmy Garcia, Bruce Green, Nathanial Havolm, Ron Lehman, Bettina Levesque, Adam Margolis, Rob Palmer, Brian Reason, Daryl Studebaker, Damien Tuffereau, and Easter Xua (ABC)
    • The Masked Singer: "New York Night" – Christine Salomon, Cary Symmons, Bert Atkinson, Brett Crutcher, Kary D'Allesandro, Jimmy Garcia, John Goforth, Sean Flannery, Bettina Levesque, Adam Margolis, Mark Koonce, Daryl Studebaker, James Sullivan, and Rob Palmer (Fox)
    • The Problem with Jon Stewart: "Trump Indicted" – Dave Saretsky, Marc Bloomgarden, Franco Coello, Nick Fayo, Kevin Murphy, John Pry, Tim Quigley, and Rich York (Apple TV+)
    • The Voice: "Live Top 10 Performances" – Allan Wells, Danny Bonilla, Mano Bonilla, Martin J. Brown Jr., Robert Burnette, Suzanne Ebner, Guido Frenzel, Alex Hernandez, Scott Hylton, Kathrine Iacofano, Scott Kaye, Steve Martynuk, Jofre Rosero, Nick Tramontano, and Dann Webb (NBC)
  • Elton John Live: Farewell from Dodger Stadium – Emmett Loughran, Robert Del Russo, Mark Britt, David Driscoll, Tim Farmer, Pete Forest, Andrew Georgopoulos, Pat Gleason, Bruce Green, Shaun Harkins, Jay Kulick, Kevin Murphy, Lyn Noland, Jimmy O'Donnell, Rob Palmer, Jesse Placky, David Plakos, George Prince, Mark Renaudin, David Rudd, Austin Rock, Keyan Safyari, Ed Staebler, Rob Vuona, Mark Whitman, Rich York, Jeff Lee, Michael Taylor, Brian Lataille, Loic Maheas, and Chris Schuster (Disney+)
    • The Apple Music Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show Starring Rihanna – Eric Becker, David Alfano, Rod Wardell, Rob Balton, Danny Bonilla, Kary D'Alessandro, Keith Dicker, Sean Flannery, Kevin French, Shaun Harkins, Helena Jackson, Tayler Knight, Toré Livia, Allen Merriweather, Eann Potter, Jofre Rosero, Keyan Safyari, Casey Roche, and Christopher Rybitski (Fox)
    • Encanto at the Hollywood Bowl – Christine Salomon, Shanele Alvarez, Dominic Bendijo, Bonnie Blake, Danny Bonilla, Kary D'Alessandro, Sean Flannery, Shaun Harkins, Charlie Henry, Cory Hunter, George Reasner, Jofre Rosero, David Rudd, Ryan Schultz, and Aymae Sulick (Disney+)
    • 2022 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony – Toby Santos, Danny Bonilla, Kary D'Alessandro, Keith Dicker, Dave Eastwood, Guido Frenzel, Andrew Georgopoulos, Jeff Johnson, Zac Jones, Brian Lataille, Dave Levisohn, Sean Mark Mckelvey, Steve Martyniuk, Rob Palmer, Dave Plakos, Dave Rudd, Dylan Sanford, Matt Trujillo, Roy Walker, Andrew Waruszewski, and Easter Xua (HBO)
    • The Weeknd: Live at SoFi Stadium – Toby Santos, Brandon Smith, Scott Acosta, Dominic Bendijo, Manny Bonilla, Mano Bonilla, Justin Danzansky, Austin Ellsworth, Chris Ferguson, Jeremy Freeman, Andrew Georgopoulos, Randy Gomez, Jonny Harkins, Shaun Harkins, Travis Hays, Coy Hunter, Oliver Lanzenberg, Ron Lehman, Andrew McMillan, Dee Nichols, Connor O'Brien, Josh Perry, Rob Pittman, Keyan Safyari, Daniel Schade, Austin Straub, Josh Turner, Justin Umphenour, Joe Victoria, Vince Warburton, and Drew Welker (HBO)



Nominations and wins by program

For the purposes of the lists below, any wins in juried categories are assumed to have a prior nomination.

Shows with multiple Creative Arts nominations
Nominations Show Network
19 The Last of Us HBO
13 Succession
Ted Lasso Apple TV+
11 The White Lotus HBO
10 The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Prime Video
9 The Mandalorian Disney+
8 Only Murders in the Building Hulu
7 The Bear FX
Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story Netflix
Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities
Saturday Night Live NBC
Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie Apple TV+
6 Daisy Jones & the Six Prime Video
House of the Dragon HBO
The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Prime Video
100 Foot Wave HBO
Queer Eye Netflix
RuPaul's Drag Race MTV
Stranger Things Netflix
Weird: The Al Yankovic Story The Roku Channel
Welcome to Wrexham FX
5 Andor Disney+
Barry HBO
Carol Burnett: 90 Years of Laughter + Love NBC
Moonage Daydream HBO
4 The Amazing Race CBS
The Apple Music Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show Starring Rihanna Fox
Beauty and the Beast: A 30th Celebration ABC
Beef Netflix
The Crown
Die Hart 2: Die Harter The Roku Channel
Encanto at the Hollywood Bowl Disney+
Ms. Marvel
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Prey Hulu
Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy CNN
Top Chef Bravo
What We Do in the Shadows FX
3 Abbott Elementary ABC
Dancing with the Stars Disney+
Deadliest Catch Discovery Channel
Emily in Paris Netflix
The 65th Annual Grammy Awards CBS
Hocus Pocus 2 Disney+
How I Met Your Father Hulu
Jeopardy! ABC / Syndicated
The Oscars ABC
Poker Face Peacock
Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story Netflix
2022 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony HBO
Schmigadoon! Apple TV+
The 1619 Project Hulu
The Territory Nat Geo
The U.S. and the Holocaust PBS
The Voice NBC
Wanda Sykes: I'm an Entertainer Netflix
2 A Black Lady Sketch Show HBO
American Idol ABC
Better Call Saul AMC
The Boys Prime Video
Chris Rock: Selective Outrage Netflix
Dear Mama FX
Dolly Parton's Mountain Magic Christmas NBC
Elton John Live: Farewell from Dodger Stadium Disney+
Entergalactic Netflix
Family Feud ABC / Syndicated
FBI: Most Wanted CBS
Fleishman Is in Trouble FX
George & Tammy Showtime
Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies Paramount+
History of the World, Part II Hulu
I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson Netflix
John Mulaney: Baby J
Judy Blume Forever Prime Video
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver HBO
Life Below Zero Nat Geo
Love Is Blind Netflix
Pamela, a Love Story
Perry Mason HBO
Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields Hulu
The Problem with Jon Stewart Apple TV+
RuPaul's Drag Race: Untucked MTV
Secrets of the Elephants Nat Geo
The Simpsons Fox
Star Trek: Picard Paramount+
Survivor CBS
The Upshaws Netflix
Vanderpump Rules Bravo
The Weeknd: Live at SoFi Stadium HBO
We're Here
Wheel of Fortune Syndicated

Nominations and wins by network

Networks with multiple Creative Arts nominations
Nominations Network
84 HBO
81 Netflix
37 Disney+
34 Apple TV+
33 Prime Video
29 Hulu
25 FX
22 NBC
21 ABC
15 CBS
11 Fox
10 The Roku Channel
Nat Geo
6 Bravo
4 Showtime
3 Adult Swim
Comedy Central
Discovery Channel
2 Apple
Networks with multiple Creative Arts wins
Wins Network
22 HBO
16 Netflix
10 FX
9 Apple TV+
8 Disney+
6 Prime Video
4 Fox
The Roku Channel

Ceremony information

In February 2023, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced that the 75th Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards would be held on September 9 and 10, leading into the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards on September 18. However, the ceremonies were postponed to January 6 and 7, 2024 due to the 2023 Hollywood labor disputes. Nominations were announced on July 12, 2023.[4]

Category changes

Changes for the Creative Arts categories this year included:[8][9][10]


  1. ^ The outlets listed for each program are the U.S. broadcasters or streaming services identified in the nominations, which for some international productions are different than the broadcaster(s) that originally commissioned the program. Programs broadcast by HBO or Max were listed as "HBO Max" in the nominations list; only the original broadcaster is listed below.
  2. ^
    • Area awards are non-competitive; any nominee with at least 90% approval receives an Emmy. If no nominee receives 90% approval, the nominee with the highest approval receives an Emmy; for area awards in picture editing and sound mixing, there is an additional requirement that the highest-rated nominee must have at least 50% approval.[1]
    • Juried awards generally do not have nominations; instead, all entrants are screened before members of the appropriate peer group, and one, more than one, or no entry is awarded an Emmy based on the jury's vote.[1]


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