South Ossetia elects on the national level a head of state—the President—and a legislature. The president is elected for a five-year term by the people. The Parliament of South Ossetia has 34 members, elected for a five-year term using party-list proportional representation.

Latest elections

Presidential elections

Main article: 2022 South Ossetian presidential election

On 10 April 2022, incumbent President Anatoly Bibilov lost the first round of the presidential election to Alan Gagloev, who received most votes.[1][2] As none of the candidates received more than 50% of the vote, a requirement to win the presidency, a second round was called between Bibilov and Gagloyev. The three eliminated candidates declared their support for Gagloyev for the second round, which was scheduled for 8 May 2022, after initial confusion over its date.[3] Gagloyev won this round with 56.2% of the vote. The Election Commission set the transfer of power on 24 May 2022.[4]

According to local experts, Bibilov's defeat after an easy victory in 2017 can be explained by the number of scandals and abuse of power accusations that took place in recent years. There was for example the scandal around the Murder of Inal Djabiev, which caused civil unrest and a paralyzed parliament.[5]

CandidatePartyFirst roundSecond round
Alan GagloevNykhaz10,70738.5516,13456.08
Anatoly BibilovUnited Ossetia9,70634.9511,76740.90
Aleksandr PliyevPeople's Party3,43412.37
Garry MuldarovIndependent2,5929.33
Dmitry TasoyevIndependent8222.96
None of the above5101.848673.01
Valid votes27,77195.5728,76897.77
Invalid/blank votes1,2864.436552.23
Total votes29,057100.0029,423100.00
Registered voters/turnout39,28273.9739,79873.93
Source: Central Electoral Commission, Final results CEC, Protocol CEC

Parliamentary elections

Main article: 2019 South Ossetian parliamentary election

United Ossetia7,77834.967714–6
People's Party of South Ossetia4,84921.79415+1
Unity of the People2,88312.96213–3
Communist Party of South Ossetia1,6227.29112+2
Fatherland Socialist Party7113.200000
Unity Party6302.830000
Against all5782.60
Valid votes19,49794.94
Invalid/blank votes1,0405.06
Total votes20,537100.00
Registered voters/turnout34,34459.80
Source: CIKRUO (dead), RES Agency,[6] OC Media[7]

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