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This is a list of historical and modern Karnataka literature, arranged in chronological order of the historical polity or era from which the works originated. Karnataka literature originates from the Karnataka region of South India, which roughly corresponds to the modern state of Karnataka.

This list includes, but is not limited to, works written in the Sanskrit and Kannada languages. Where information is available, the author or authors of the text are listed, followed by the title of the text and the language or languages in which the text is written. Multiple works by the same author are listed separately.

Western Ganga Dynasty (350–1000)

Rashtrakuta Dynasty (753–982)

Seuna (Yadava) Dynasty (860–1317)

Western Chalukya Empire (973–1189)

Hoysala Empire (950–1343)

Kalachuri dynasty (1164–1181), Virashaiva Saints and Vachanakaras

Vijayanagara Empire (1336–1646), Kannada Haridasa Sahitya


RamadhyanaCharite, Haribhakthisara, Kalacharithre, Mohana Tarangini, Nalacharitre – Kannada)

Later Haridasa

Kannada literature from Mysore Kingdom, Keladi Nayaka kingdom

Kannada literature from old Bangalore (18th century – 20th century)

18th-century Kannada

19th-century Kannada (topics: grammar, linguistics, Jain and Virashaiva philosophy, geology, agriculture, politics)

20th-century Kannada

20th-century Sanskrit Keerthanakaras

20th-century harikathe dasaru

Modern Kannada poets, scholars and writers

Sahitya Academy Awardees

Kendra Sahitya Academy Awardees (translation)

Other eminent writers

Literature originating from Christian missionaries

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