The following is a list of radio stations owned by Audacy, Inc. As of June 2023, Audacy (then known as Entercom) operates 227 radio stations in 45 media markets across the United States.

On February 2, 2017, Entercom announced that it had agreed to acquire CBS Radio. The purchase gave Entercom operations in 23 of the top 25 markets, making it the second-largest owner of radio stations in the United States, behind only iHeartMedia.[1][2] The merger became official on November 17, 2017.[3]


Station Frequency Band Format
KALV-FM 101.5 FM Contemporary hit radio
KMLE 107.9 FM Country music
KOOL-FM 94.5 FM Classic hits


Los Angeles
Station Frequency Band Format
KCBS-FM 93.1 FM Adult hits
KNX 1070 AM All-news radio
KNX-FM 97.1 FM All-news radio (simulcast of KNX)
KROQ-FM 106.7 FM Alternative rock
KRTH 101.1 FM Classic hits
KTWV 94.7 FM Urban adult contemporary
Riverside-San Bernardino
Station Frequency Band Format
KFRG 95.1 FM Country music
KXFG 92.9 FM Country music (KFRG)
Station Frequency Band Format
KIFM 1320 AM Sports radio (ESPN Radio)
KKDO 94.7 FM Alternative rock
KRXQ 98.5 FM Active rock
KSEG 96.9 FM Classic rock
KSFM 102.5 FM Rhythmic Top 40
KUDL 106.5 FM Contemporary hit radio
San Diego
Station Frequency Band Format
KBZT 94.9 FM Alternative rock
KSON 103.7 FM Country music
KWFN 97.3 FM Sports radio
KXSN 98.1 FM Classic hits
KYXY 96.5 FM Adult contemporary
San Francisco
Station Frequency Band Format
KCBS 740 AM All-news radio
KFRC-FM 106.9 FM All-news radio (KCBS)
KGMZ-FM 95.7 FM Sports radio
KITS 105.3 FM Alternative rock
KLLC 97.3 FM Hot adult contemporary
KRBQ 102.1 FM Classic hip hop


Station Frequency Band Format
KALC 105.9 FM Hot adult contemporary
KAMP 1430 AM Sports gambling
KQKS 107.5 FM Rhythmic Top 40
KQKS-HD2 107.5-2 FM Country music
103.1 FM
KQMT 99.5 FM Classic rock


Station Frequency Band Format
WRCH 100.5 FM Adult contemporary
WTIC 1080 AM Talk radio
WTIC-FM 96.5 FM Hot adult contemporary
WZMX 93.7 FM Rhythmic Top 40

District of Columbia

Station Frequency Band Format
WDCH-FM 99.1 FM Business news (Bloomberg)
WIAD 94.7 FM Classic hits
WJFK 1580 AM Sports gambling
WJFK-FM 106.7 FM Sports radio
WLZL 107.9 FM Spanish/English rhythmic contemporary
WPGC-FM 95.5 FM Urban contemporary
WTEM 980 AM Sports radio


Station Frequency Band Format
WKTK 98.5 FM Adult contemporary
WSKY-FM 97.3 FM Talk radio
Miami (South Florida)
Station Frequency Band Format
WAXY 790 AM Spanish conservative talk radio
WKIS 99.9 FM Country music
WLYF 101.5 FM Adult contemporary
WMXJ 102.7 FM Classic hits
WPOW 96.5 FM Rhythmic Hot AC
WQAM 560 AM Sports radio
WSFS 104.3 FM Alternative rock
Station Frequency Band Format
WOCL 105.9 FM Classic hits
WOMX-FM 105.1 FM Hot adult contemporary
WQMP 101.9 FM Alternative rock


Station Frequency Band Format
WAOK 1380 AM Urban talk radio
WSTR 94.1 FM Rhythmic adult contemporary
WVEE 103.3 FM Urban contemporary
WZGC 92.9 FM Sports radio


Station Frequency Band Format
WBBM 780 AM All-news radio
WBBM-FM 96.3 FM Rhythmic Top 40
WBMX 104.3 FM Classic hip-hop
WCFS-FM 105.9 FM All-news radio (WBBM)
WSCR 670 AM Sports radio
WUSN 99.5 FM Country music
WXRT 93.1 FM Adult album alternative


Station Frequency Band Format
KDGS 93.5 FM Rhythmic Top 40
KEYN-FM 103.7 FM Classic hits
KFBZ 105.3 FM Hot adult contemporary
KFH 1240 AM Sports radio
97.5 FM
KNSS 1330 AM Talk radio
KNSS-FM 98.7 FM Talk radio (KNSS)


New Orleans
Station Frequency Band Format
WEZB 97.1 FM Contemporary hit radio
WKBU 95.7 FM Classic rock
WLMG 101.9 FM Adult contemporary
WWL 870 AM Talk radio
WWL-FM 105.3 FM Talk radio (WWL)
WWWL 1350 AM Sports gambling
92.9 FM


Station Frequency Band Format
WJZ 1300 AM Sports gambling
WJZ-FM 105.7 FM Sports radio
WLIF 101.9 FM Adult contemporary
WWMX 106.5 FM Hot adult contemporary


Station Frequency Band Format
WBGB 103.3 FM Adult hits
WEEI 850 AM Sports gambling
WEEI-FM 93.7 FM Sports radio
WMJX 106.7 FM Adult contemporary
WVEI 1440 AM Sports radio (WEEI)
WWBX 104.1 FM Hot adult contemporary
Station Frequency Band Format
WHLL 1450 AM Spanish contemporary
98.1 FM
WMAS-FM 94.7 FM Adult contemporary
WWEI 105.5 FM Sports radio (WEEI)


Station Frequency Band Format
WDZH 98.7 FM Alternative rock
WOMC 104.3 FM Classic hits
WWJ 950 AM All-news radio
WXYT 1270 AM Sports gambling
WXYT-FM 97.1 FM Sports radio
WYCD 99.5 FM Country music


Station Frequency Band Format
KMNB 102.9 FM Country music
KZJK 104.1 FM Adult hits
WCCO 830 AM Talk radio


Kansas City
Station Frequency Band Format
KCSP 610 AM Sports radio
KMBZ 980 AM Talk radio
KMBZ-FM 98.1 FM Talk radio
KQRC-FM 98.9 FM Active rock
KRBZ 96.5 FM Alternative rock
KWOD 1660 AM Sports gambling
KYYS 1250 AM Regional Mexican
KZPT 99.7 FM Hot adult contemporary
WDAF-FM 106.5 FM Country music
St. Louis
Station Frequency Band Format
KEZK-FM 102.5 FM Adult contemporary
KFTK-FM 97.1 FM Talk radio
KMOX 1120 AM Talk radio
98.7 FM
KYKY 98.1 FM Hot adult contemporary
WFUN-FM 96.3 FM Urban adult contemporary
WHHL 104.1 FM Urban contemporary


Las Vegas
Station Frequency Band Format
KDWN 720 AM Talk radio
KLUC-FM 98.5 FM Contemporary hit radio
KMXB 94.1 FM Hot adult contemporary
KXNT 840 AM Talk radio
KXQQ-FM 100.5 FM Rhythmic Hot AC
KXST 1140 AM Sports gambling

New York

Station Frequency Band Format
WBEN 930 AM Talk radio
WGR 550 AM Sports radio
WKSE 98.5 FM Contemporary hit radio
WLKK 107.7 FM Country music
104.7 FM
WWKB 1520 AM Sports gambling
WWWS 1400 AM Rhythmic oldies
107.3 FM
New York
Station Frequency Band Format
WCBS 880 AM All-news radio
WCBS-FM 101.1 FM Classic hits
WFAN 660 AM Sports radio
WFAN-FM 101.9 FM Sports radio (WFAN)
WINS 1010 AM All-news radio
WINS-FM 92.3 FM All-news radio (WINS)
WNEW-FM 102.7 FM Hot adult contemporary
WXBK 94.7 FM Classic hip hop
WXBK-HD2 94.7-2 FM Country music
Station Frequency Band Format
WBEE-FM 92.5 FM Country music
WBZA 98.9 FM Adult hits
WCMF-FM 96.5 FM Classic rock
WPXY-FM 97.9 FM Contemporary hit radio
WROC 950 AM Sports radio

North Carolina

Station Frequency Band Format
WJMH 102.1 FM Urban contemporary
WPAW 93.1 FM Country music
WQMG 97.1 FM Urban adult contemporary
WSMW 98.7 FM Adult hits


Station Frequency Band Format
WDOK 102.1 FM Adult contemporary
WKRK-FM 92.3 FM Sports radio
WNCX 98.5 FM Classic rock
WQAL 104.1 FM Hot adult contemporary


Station Frequency Band Format
KFXX 1080 AM Sports radio
KGON 92.3 FM Classic rock
KMTT 910 AM Sports radio
KNRK 94.7 FM Alternative rock
KRSK 105.1 FM Hot adult contemporary
KWJJ-FM 99.5 FM Country music
KYCH-FM 97.1 FM Adult hits


Station Frequency Band Format
KYW 1060 AM All-news radio
WBEB 101.1 FM Adult contemporary
WIP-FM 94.1 FM Sports radio
WOGL 98.1 FM Classic hits
WPHI-FM 103.9 FM All-news radio (KYW)
WPHT 1210 AM Talk radio
WTDY-FM 96.5 FM Hot adult contemporary
Station Frequency Band Format
KDKA 1020 AM Talk radio
100.1 FM
KDKA-FM 93.7 FM Sports radio
WAMO 660 AM Urban contemporary
WBZZ 100.7 FM Contemporary hit radio
WBZZ-HD2 100.7-2 FM 90s/2000s hits
WDSY-FM 107.9 FM Country music
Station Frequency Band Format
WAAF 910 AM Talk radio (WILK-FM)
WGGY 101.3 FM Country music
WGGY-HD2 101.3-2 FM Adult album alternative
WILK 980 AM Talk radio (WILK-FM)
WILK-FM 103.1 FM Talk radio
WKRF 107.9 FM Contemporary hit radio (WKRZ)
WKRZ 98.5 FM Contemporary hit radio
WLMZ-FM 102.3 FM Spanish tropical
WLMZ 1300 AM Spanish tropical (WLMZ-FM)

Rhode Island

Station Frequency Band Format
WVEI-FM 103.7 FM Sports radio (WEEI)

South Carolina

Station Frequency Band Format
WFBC-FM 93.7 FM Contemporary hit radio
WFBC-HD2 93.7-2 FM Mainstream urban
96.3 FM
104.5 FM
107.7 FM
WORD 950 AM Sports radio (WYRD)
97.1 FM
WROQ 101.1 FM Classic rock
WSPA-FM 106.3 FM Adult contemporary
WTPT 93.3 FM Active rock
WYRD 1330 AM Sports radio
97.7 FM
WYRD-FM 98.9 FM Talk radio


Station Frequency Band Format
WKXJ 103.7 FM Contemporary hit radio
WLND 98.1 FM Adult hits
WRXR-FM 105.5 FM Active rock
WUSY 100.7 FM Country music
WUSY-HD2 100.7-2 FM Mainstream urban
97.7 FM
Station Frequency Band Format
WLFP 99.7 FM Country music
WMC 790 AM Sports gambling
WMFS 680 AM Sports radio
WMFS-FM 92.9 FM Sports radio (WMFS)
WRVR 104.5 FM Adult contemporary


Station Frequency Band Format
KAMX 94.7 FM Hot adult contemporary
KJCE 1370 AM Talk radio
KKMJ-FM 95.5 FM Adult contemporary
KKMJ-HD3 95.5-3 FM Classic hip-hop
95.9 FM
Station Frequency Band Format
KJKK 100.3 FM Adult hits
KMVK 107.5 FM Regional Mexican
KRLD 1080 AM All-news/Talk radio
KRLD-FM 105.3 FM Sports radio
KSPF 98.7 FM Classic hits
KVIL 103.7 FM Alternative rock
KVIL-HD2 103.7-2 FM Smooth jazz
Station Frequency Band Format
KHMX 96.5 FM Hot adult contemporary
KIKK 650 AM Sports gambling
KILT 610 AM Sports radio
KILT-FM 100.3 FM Country music
KKHH 95.7 FM Adult hits
KLOL 101.1 FM Spanish contemporary


Station Frequency Band Format
WNVZ 104.5 FM Rhythmic Top 40
WPTE 94.9 FM Hot adult contemporary
WVKL 95.7 FM Urban adult contemporary
WWDE-FM 101.3 FM Adult contemporary
Station Frequency Band Format
WBTJ 106.5 FM Urban contemporary
WRNL 910 AM Sports radio
105.1 FM
WRVA 1140 AM Talk radio
WRVQ 94.5 FM Contemporary hit radio
WRXL 102.1 FM Alternative rock
WRXL-HD2 102.1-2 FM Country music
98.5 FM
WTVR-FM 98.1 FM Adult contemporary


Station Frequency Band Format
KHTP 103.7 FM Classic hip hop
KISW 99.9 FM Active rock
KKWF 100.7 FM Country music
KNDD 107.7 FM Alternative rock
KSWD 94.1 FM Soft adult contemporary


Station Frequency Band Format
WMHX 105.1 FM Hot adult contemporary
WMMM-FM 105.5 FM Adult album alternative
WOLX-FM 94.9 FM Classic hits
Station Frequency Band Format
WMYX-FM 99.1 FM Hot adult contemporary
WSSP 1250 AM Sports radio
WXSS 103.7 FM Contemporary hit radio
WXSS-HD2 103.7-2 FM Urban contemporary
105.7 FM


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