This is a list of space forces, units, and formations that identifies the current and historical antecedents and insignia for the military space arms of countries fielding a space component, whether an independent space force, multinational commands, joint command, or as a part of another military service.

Independent space forces

Country Current Service
Indigenous name
Former Established
 China People's Liberation Army Strategic Support Force Space Systems Department [zh][1] 2015

People's Liberation Army General Armaments Department[2]

 United States United States Space Force[3] 2019

Air Force Space Command[3]


Space Command[4]


Strategic Air Command[5]


Aerospace Defense Command[5]


Fourteenth Aerospace Force (Aerospace Defense Command)[5]


9th Aerospace Defense Division (Air Defense Command)[5]


Air Defense Command[5]

1960–1961 [d]

Air Force Security Service[6][7]

1955–1964 [e]

Space and Missile Systems Center (Air Force Materiel Command)[5]


Space Systems Division (Air Force Systems Command)[5]

1989–1992 [g]

Space Division (Air Force Systems Command)[5]


Space and Missile Systems Organization (Air Force Systems Command)[5]


Space Systems Division (Air Force Systems Command)[5]


Air Force Ballistic Missile Organization (Air Research and Development Command)[5]


Western Development Division (Air Research and Development Command)[5]


Air Research and Development Command[5]


Air Materiel Command[5]


United States Army Air Forces[5]


Air and space forces

Country Current Service
Indigenous name
Former Established
 Colombia Colombian Aerospace Force[8] 2023
 France French Space Command (French Air and Space Force)[9] 2019

Joint Space Command (French Air Force)[10]

 Iran Iranian Space Command (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Aerospace Force)[11] 2020
 Russia (1992–present)
 Commonwealth of Independent States (1991–1992)
 Soviet Union (1955–1991)
Russian Space Forces (Russian Aerospace Forces)[12] 2015[j]

Russian Space Command (Russian Aerospace Defence Forces)[13]


Russian Space Forces[14]


Russian Strategic Rocket Forces[14]


Military Space Forces[14]


Rocket and Space Defence Troops (Russian Air Defence Forces)[14][15]


Anti-Ballistic Missile and Anti-Space Defense Forces (Soviet Air Defense Forces)[15]


Chief Directorate of Space Assets (Soviet Ministry of Defence)[16][17]


Main Directorate of Space Assets (Soviet Armed Forces General Staff)[14][17]


Main Directorate of Space Assets (Soviet Strategic Rocket Forces)[18][17]


Central Directorate of Space Assets (Soviet Strategic Rocket Forces)[18]


3rd Department of the Main Missile Directorate of the Ministry of Defence[17]


Artillery of the Supreme High Command Reserve[19][17]

 Spain Spanish Air and Space Force 2022

Joint and multinational space commands

Country Current Service
Indigenous name
Former Established
 Australia Defence Space Command 2022
 United States
North American Aerospace Defense Command[5] 1981

North American Air Defense Command[5]

 India Defence Space Agency[20] 2018
 Italy Space Operations Command 2020
 Mexico Mexican Secretariat of National Defense[21] 2019
 NATO NATO Space Centre (Allied Air Command)[22] 2020

Allied Air Command[23]

 Peru National Commission for Aerospace Research and Development (Peruvian Ministry of Defense)[24] 1974
 South Korea Agency for Defense Development (Republic of Korea Ministry of National Defense)[25] 1970
 Spain Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial 1942
 United Kingdom United Kingdom Space Command (Royal Air Force)[26] 2021

United Kingdom Strategic Command[27]


Joint Forces Command[27]

 United States United States Space Command[28] 2019

Joint Force Space Component Command (U.S. Strategic Command)[29]


Joint Functional Component Command for Space (U.S. Strategic Command)[29]


Joint Space Operations (U.S. Strategic Command)[29]


United States Strategic Command[29]


United States Space Command[29]


Aerospace Defense Command[5]


Continental Air Defense Command[5]


Advanced Research Projects Agency[5]


Service space units and formations

Country Current Service
Indigenous name
Former Established
 Australia Australian Space Operations Centre and No. 1 Remote Sensor Unit RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force)[30][31]
 Brazil Aerospace Operations Command (Brazilian Air Force)[32] 2017
 Canada 3 Canadian Space Division (Royal Canadian Air Force)[33] 2022
 Germany Bundeswehr Space Command [de] (German Air Force)[34] 2021

Air and Space Operations Centre [de] (German Air Force)[35]


Space Situational Awareness Center [de] (German Air Force)[36]

 Israel Space Branch (Israeli Air Force)[37] 1988
 Japan Space Operations Squadron (Japan Air Self Defense Force)[38] 2020
 Luxembourg Luxembourg Army[39] 2017
 Netherlands Royal Netherlands Air Force[40] 2021
 North Korea Korean People's Army Air Force[41] 2023[r]
 Thailand Royal Thai Air Force[42] 2020
 Turkey Space Group Command (Turkish Air Force)[43] 2013
 United Kingdom No. 23 Squadron (Royal Air Force)[44] 2021

1001 Signal Unit (Royal Air Force)[45][46]

 United States Army Space and Missile Defense Command[47] 1997

Army Space and Strategic Defense Command[48]


Army Space Command[49]


Army Space Agency[50]


Army Space Planning Group[50]


Army Staff Program Element at Air Force Space Command[50]


Army Strategic Defense Command[50]


Ballistic Missile Defense Organization[51]


Safeguard program[51]


Sentinel program[51]


Nike–X Project Office[51]


Nike–Zeus Project Office (Army Missile Command)[51]


Army Ballistic Missile Agency (Army Ordnance Missile Command)[52]


Army Ordnance Corps[52]


Army Ordnance Department[52]


Army Information Systems Command[49]


Army Communications Command[49]


Army Strategic Communications Command[51]


Army Signal Corps[51]

Marine Corps Forces Space Command[53] 2020

Marine Corps Forces Strategic Command[53]

Navy Space Command / Tenth Fleet[54] 2020

Fleet Cyber Command / Tenth Fleet[55]


Naval Network Warfare Command[56]


Naval Space Command[56]


Naval Astronautics Group[57]


Naval Space Surveillance Center[57]

Naval Information Warfare Systems Command[57] 2019

Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command[57]


Naval Electronic Systems Command[57]


Naval Air Systems Command[57]


Naval Material Command[57]


Bureau of Naval Weapons[57]


Bureau of Ships[57]


Project Vanguard (Naval Research Laboratory)[57]


Naval Research Laboratory[57]

First Air Force (Air Combat Command)[58] 2021
United States Coast Guard Research and Development Center[59] 2018

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