RPK-6 Vodopad (Russian: РПК-6 Водопад, "waterfall") is a Soviet 533 mm anti-submarine missile deployed operationally since 1981.[1]

RPK-7 Veter (Russian: РПК-7 Ветер, "wind") is a 650 mm version, deployed operationally since 1984.[1]

Both missiles are given the same United States Navy designation SS-N-16 and NATO designation Stallion.[1]

Both missiles are torpedo-tube launched, with a solid-fuel rocket engine to power them above the surface.[1] Both missiles are dual-role; they can be armed with either a 400 mm anti-submarine torpedo or a nuclear depth charge.[1]

The Veter's increased range of approximately 100 kilometers was an impressive boost over its predecessor the SS-N-15 Starfish, which could only reach half the distance.

Specifications (RPK-7 Veter)





 Soviet Union


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