Stewart Marsden Massey
Massey, circa 1908
Personal information
Country England
BornSecond Quarter 1877
Died31 July 1934
West Ealing

Stewart Marsden Massey (1877-1934), was a male badminton player from England,[1] and a writer on the sport, penning the first book devoted solely to it.


Massey born in Kensington [2] was a three times winner of the All England Open Badminton Championships. He won the first edition of the men's doubles during 1899 and then won two more titles in 1903 and 1905.[3] He also competed in the first international badminton tournament outside the UK, in Dieppe, France.[4]


Massey wrote for the Badminton Magazine (e.g. February 1907), and the Badminton Gazette, of which he was, from November 1907, the founding editor, eventually being succeeded by George Thomas.[5]

His 1911 book, Badminton, was the first on the sport.[6] He was also the author of the entry on badminton in the 11th edition of Encyclopædia Britannica, also published in 1911.


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