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Stonewall Democrats
Named afterStonewall Inn / Stonewall riots
Democratic Party
Formation2004; 19 years ago (2004)
TypeLGBT political organization
Legal statusActive
WebsiteStonewall Young Democrats homepage

The Stonewall Young Democrats (SYD) are youth-based organization across the country which are part of the LGBT-rights group in the United States, affiliated with the National Stonewall Democrats and with the Democratic Party.


2017–2018 Executive Board of the Los Angeles Chapter
President Chris Bowen
Operation Vice-President Mason Brown
Political Vice-President Ari Ruiz
Community Vice-President Marcus Lovingood
Communications Vice-President Sasha Perez
Secretary Ashley McCormick
Male-At-Large Alfonso Somilleda
Female-At-Large Araselle Torres
2022–2023 Executive Board of the Los Angeles Chapter[1]
President Kanin Pruter
Operation Vice-President Jamie Kennerk
Political Vice-President Ernesto Castillo
Community Vice-President Jacob Jauregui
Communications Vice-President Sasha Perez
Secretary Kate Vu
Male-At-Large Alton Wang
Female-At-Large Sarah Furnari
Controller Sequoia Smith
Parliamentarian Marcial Rene Romero

San Diego Chapter

Stonewall Young Democrats of San Diego (SYDSD) was founded in 2005 by Jonathan Goetz, Chrissy Walter (now Chrissy Fectau) and Elyse Ganzer (now Elyse Montano). Under its initial inception, SYDSD was started as the youth branch of the San Diego Democratic Club.[2]

It eventually chartered as its own independent organization under the California Young Democrats (CYD) umbrella with the leadership of then Regional Director Allan Acevedo, who was subsequently elected SYDSD President.[3]

After marriage equality became the law of the land[4] Livengood moved to Puerto Rico and the San Diego Chapter ceased operation. Its website domain name URL was assumed by Equally American, which "fights to advance equality and civil rights for the 3.5 million citizens living in U.S. territories- 98% of whom are people of color." [1]

Many members continued staying involved in either San Diego Democrats for Equality (SDDE) and/or San Diego County Young Democrats (SDCYD), including Ryan Darsey, who as of 2022 still serves as SDDE Vice-President for Resource Development.[5]

Dallas Chapter

The Dallas Stonewall Young Democrats (DSYD) held its first meeting on July 6, 2006, in Dallas, Texas. The first officers were Paul Tran, Siobhan Bailey, Alex Ortega, and Brandon Kneefel.[6] The group stopped meeting in 2008 and reformed in March 2009.[7]

The Red Party

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The original organizers of the group were all volunteers at Legacy Founders Cottage, an AIDS hospice in Oak Cliff, where they built a friendship based on community service and activism. Since its inception, DSYD has maintained a close relationship with the Legacy Founders Cottage and continues to provide support in the form of volunteer hours and by hosting benefit fundraisers.

2010–2011 Executive Board of the Dallas Chapter[8]
President Pennington Ingley
Vice President Vacant
Secretary Jared Pearce
Treasurer Justin Williams
Membership Director Clint Thomson*
Community Events Director Edgar Negron
Political Director Jennifer Allen
Communications Director Michael Maldonado
Liaison from SDD Kenneth Denson

*Liaison to Stonewall Democrats of Dallas.


Membership to Stonewall Young Democrats is open to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex (LGBTI) individuals and its straight cisgender Allies who are under age 36,[9] as to comply with the California Young Democrats requirement all its Young Democrats groups that charter with them.[10]


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