1928 Democratic National Convention
1928 presidential election
Smith and Robinson
Date(s)June 26–28, 1928
CityHouston, Texas
VenueSam Houston Hall
Presidential nomineeAlfred E. Smith of New York
Vice presidential nomineeJoseph T. Robinson of Arkansas
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Photograph of the convention

The 1928 Democratic National Convention was held at Sam Houston Hall in Houston, Texas, June 26–28, 1928. The keynote speaker was Claude G. Bowers. The convention[1] resulted in the nomination of Governor Alfred E. Smith of New York for president and Senator Joseph T. Robinson of Arkansas for vice president.

The convention was the first held by either party in the South since the Civil War. It was also the first to nominate a Roman Catholic for president, Al Smith. The Texas delegation, led by Governor Dan Moody, was vehemently opposed to Smith. Therefore, when Smith was nominated, they rallied against his anti-prohibition sentiment by fighting for a "dry", prohibitionist platform. Ultimately, the convention pledged "honest enforcement of the Constitution".

Smith became the first Democrat since Reconstruction to lose more than one southern state in the general election, due to his "wet" stance, his opposition to the Ku Klux Klan[citation needed], and his Catholicism.

The election was held in very hot summer weather in a venue without air conditioning.[2]

Presidential nomination

Presidential candidates

Other candidates for the nomination possibly included:

Presidential Balloting
Candidate 1st (Before Shifts) 1st (After Shifts)
Smith 724.67 849.67
Hull 71.83 50.83
George 52.50 52.50
Reed 48 52
Pomerene 47 3
Jones 43 43
Woollen 32 7
Harrison 20 8.50
Ayres 20 3
Watts 18 18
Hitchcock 16 2
Donahey 5 5
Thompson 2 2
Bilbo 0 1
Not Voting 0 2.50

Presidential Balloting / 3rd Day of Convention (June 28, 1928)

Vice presidential nomination

Vice presidential candidates

Joseph T. Robinson was chosen as the vice presidential nominee.

Other candidates for the nomination possibly included:

Vice Presidential Balloting
Candidate 1st (Before Shifts) 1st (After Shifts)
Robinson 914.17 1,035.17
Barkley 77 9
Ross 33 2
Allen 28 21
Berry 17.50 11.50
Moody 9.33 9.33
Fletcher 7 7
Taylor 6 0
Stevenson 4 2
Woollen 2 2
Tumulty 1 0
Not Voting 1 1

Vice Presidential Balloting / 3rd Day of Convention (June 28, 1928)

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