Presidency of Agra
Presidency of British Empire in India
14 November 1834–1 June 1836
• 1835 (?)
9,479 km2 (3,660 sq mi)
• 1835 (?)
• Established
14 November 1834
• Disestablished
1 June 1836
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Ceded and Conquered Provinces
North-Western Provinces
Today part ofPortions in
Uttar Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh
Himachal Pradesh

Agra Presidency was constituted as one of the four presidencies of British India (the other three being Bengal, Bombay, and Madras) and was among the eight separate administrative divisions into which India was divided in the first half of the 19th century. It had an area of 9,479 sq mi (24,550 km2) and a population of about 4,500,000.[1]

Agra Presidency was established on 14 November 1834 under the provisions of the Government of India Act 1833[2] by elevating and renaming the Ceded and Conquered Provinces. Sir C. T. Metcalfe was appointed as the new Governor for the Presidency.[3] However, in 1835 another Act of Parliament (statute 5 and 6, William IV, cap. 52) renamed the region to the North-Western Provinces, this time to be administered by a Lieutenant-Governor. Agra Presidency ceased to exist on 1 June 1836.


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