Districts of Uttarakhand
Districts of Uttarakhand

A district of Uttarakhand state is an administrative geographical unit, headed by a District Magistrate (earlier called District Collector), an officer belonging to the Indian Administrative Service. The district magistrates are assisted by a number of officers (such as deputy collector, assistant collector, additional district magistrate, sub-divisional magistrate, tehsildar, naib tehsildar belonging to the Uttarakhand Civil Service and other Uttarakhand state services.

A Superintendent of Police, an officer belonging to the Indian Police Service, heads the police in the district and is entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining law and order and related issues. He is assisted by the officers of the Uttarakhand Police Service.

A Deputy Conservator of Forests, an officer belonging to the Indian Forest Service, is responsible for managing the Forests, environment and wild-life related issues of the district. He is assisted by the officers of the Uttarakhand Forest Service and other Uttarakhand forest officials and Uttarakhand wildlife officials.

Sectoral development is looked after by the district head of each development department such as Public works, Health, Education, Agriculture, Animal husbandry, etc. These officers belong to the various Uttarakhand state services.

Four new districts are proposed in Uttarakhand: Didihat, Kotdwar, Ranikhet and Yamunotri.[1]

List of districts

Code District Headquarters[2] Population (As of 2011)[3] Area (km2)[4] Density (/km2) Division Map
AL Almora Almora 621,972 3,083 201 Kumaon
Almora in Uttarakhand (India).svg
BA Bageshwar Bageshwar 259,840 2,302 113 Kumaon
Bageshwar in Uttarakhand (India).svg
CL Chamoli Gopeshwar 391,114 8,030 49 Garhwal
Chamoli in Uttarakhand (India).svg
CP Champawat Champawat 259,315 1,781 146 Kumaon
Champawat in Uttarakhand (India).svg
DD Dehradun Dehradun 1,695,860 3,088 550 Garhwal
Dehradun in Uttarakhand (India).svg
HA Haridwar Haridwar 1,927,029 2,360 817 Garhwal
Haridwar in Uttarakhand (India).svg
NA Nainital Nainital 955,128 3,860 247 Kumaon
Nainital in Uttarakhand (India).svg
PG Pauri Garhwal Pauri 686,572 5,399 127 Garhwal
Pauri Garhwal in Uttarakhand (India).svg
PI Pithoragarh Pithoragarh 485,993 7,100 68 Kumaon
Pithoragarh in Uttarakhand (India).svg
RP Rudraprayag Rudraprayag 236,857 1,890 125 Garhwal
Rudraprayag in Uttarakhand (India).svg
TG Tehri Garhwal Tehri 616,409 4,080 151 Garhwal
Tehri Garhwal in Uttarakhand (India).svg
US Udham Singh Nagar Rudrapur 1,648,367 2,908 567 Kumaon
Udham Singh Nagar in Uttarakhand (India).svg
UT Uttarkashi Uttarkashi 329,686 8,016 41 Garhwal
Uttarkashi in Uttarakhand (India).svg

Proposed districts

In November 2000 when uttarakhand was created as a new state it had inherited 13 districts. As of november 2022, since then no new districts have been created even though other newly created states have almost doubled the number of new districts for rapid development.[5]

BJP had planned the following for districts which did not matter last due to the change in the government.[5]

Proposed District Proposed Headquarters Current District Division
Didihat Didihat Pithoragarh Kumaon
Kotdwar Kotdwar Pauri Garhwal Garhwal
Roorkee Roorkee Haridwar Garhwal
Ranikhet Ranikhet Almora Kumaon
Yamunotri Yamunotri Uttarkashi Garhwal
  1. Kashipur, from Udham Singh Nagar district.
  2. Roorkee, from Haridwar district.
  3. Gairsain, from Chamoli district.
  4. Rishikesh, from Dehradun district, Tehri Garhwal district, and Pauri Garhwal district.
  5. Narendra Nagar or Pratapnagar, from Udham Singh Nagar district with headquarter at either of the two places.
  6. Ramnagar, from Nainital district.

From time to time, several chief ministers and elected representatives, such as MLAs and MPs, have proposed the following new districts:[5]

  1. Chakrata, from Dehradun district.
  2. Dharchula, from Pithoragarh district.
  3. Gangotri and Purola, from Uttarkashi district.
  4. Haldwani, from Nainital district.
  5. Karnaprayag and Tharali, from Chamoli district.
  6. other proposed are Ghastoli, Meelam (Milam), Dugtu, Gunji, Munsiari (Munsyari), Niti, Tyuni, Thalisain, Syaldey/Ataliya, etc

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