Arab Liberal Federation
الاتحاد الليبرالي العربي
Market economy
General Secretary
Dr. Mohammed Ouzzine
Dr. Mahmoud Al-Alaily
AffiliationsLiberal International

The Arab Liberal Federation (ALF; Arabic: الاتحاد الليبرالي العربي) is a network of liberal political parties, organizations and activists from Arab countries. It was formed in 2008 in Cairo under the name of Network of Arab Liberals (NAL). Wael Nawara of the Egyptian El-Ghad Party was elected as a first president. The network was renamed The Arab Alliance for Freedom and Democracy in 2011, reacting to the negative connotations that the term 'liberal' has in some Arab countries.[1] In March 2016, the Alliance was renamed to its current name using the term 'Liberal' as ideological identification.

The network is affiliated to Liberal International federation, and receives support from the European ALDE Party and the German Friedrich Naumann Foundation and the VVD of Netherlands.


In March 2016, ALF met in the Tunisian capital, Tunis, to elect new leaders.

Dr. Mahmoud Alaily of FEP (Egypt) was elected as president, and Mohamed Ouzzine of MP (Morocco) was elected as secretary general.[2]

Former leaders:


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