Cartoon Network
Broadcast area Portugal
HeadquartersTurner House, London, United Kingdom[1]
English (dual audio)
Picture format16:9
HDTV 1080i
SDTV 576i 16:9 (downscaled)
OwnerWarner Bros. Discovery EMEA
Sister channelsCartoonito
Discovery Channel
Discovery Showcase HD
Eurosport 1
Eurosport 2
Food Network
Investigation Discovery
Travel Channel
Launched17 September 1993; 30 years ago (1993-09-17) (as Cartoon Network Europe)
1 October 2013; 10 years ago (2013-10-01) (as an independent channel in Angola and Mozambique)
3 December 2013; 10 years ago (2013-12-03)
(in Portugal)

Cartoon Network Portugal, commonly abbreviated as CN, is a Portuguese digital cable and satellite television channel launched on 3 December 2013[2] and is owned by Warner Bros. Discovery under its International division.

Currently, Cartoon Network is the most-watched kids and teens' channel in Portugal, surpassing Disney Channel since 2022.[3]


The Pan-European feed received in Portugal, Angola and Mozambique was transmitted for a long time (from 17 September 1993 to 3 December 2013), this feed is now Cartoon Network Africa.

The Portuguese-language version of the channel started to broadcast their feed to Angola and Mozambique on 1 October 2013 one month after the Spanish feed closed,[4] coincidentally a few months after Cartoon Network in Spain closed.

On 3 December 2013, the Portuguese channel was officially launched in Portugal on all cable operators, switching from the Pan-European version (in English).[2] at 20:00, broadcasting in 16:9. The Pan-European English feed was removed from the ZON (currently NOS) basic cable service, along with other foreign language international channels on 1 February 2010, and the Portuguese-language Panda Biggs was included in its place.[5]

When the Pan-European feed was still being broadcast, the daily broadcast was 15 hours (from 05:00 to 20:00) in Portugal. During that time, the channel shared time with TNT, focusing on classic movies and professional wrestling, and in its final years, with Turner Classic Movies. Some cable TV operators preferred dividing the two channels with their own channel (some with a description of their opening and closing times). Shortly after the release of Portugal's version of the channel, TCM and Boomerang stopped being aired in Portugal.

Around February 2014, the channel started airing advertisements, but in March 2014, they stopped airing them, returning in the middle of the month.[citation needed]

Cartoon Network Portugal was also the first European CN feed to adopt the CHECK it 3.0 branding.[citation needed]

From 30 May 2014 to 30 March 2017, Cartoon Network used white background graphics. On 31 March 2017, it changed its design to a version based on the US feed's Dimensional branding.[citation needed]

On 26 April 2018, Boomerang Portugal was launched on NOWO and Vodafone. This version had already been launched in Angola and Mozambique on 21 April 2015 and the European channel (English-language) stopped being broadcast when Cartoon Network was launched in Portuguese. Boomerang was later replaced by Cartoonito on March 23, 2023.

The channel begun broadcasting in HD in 2022.


Current programming

Title Portuguese title Premiere date Status
Cartoon Network Studios and Hanna-Barbera Studios Europe original programming
Adventure Time Hora de Aventuras 1 October 2013 Rerunning
The Amazing World of Gumball O Incrível Mundo de Gumball 1 October 2013 Rerunning
Regular Show Regular Show 5 April 2014 Rerunning
Uncle Grandpa Titio Avô 26 April 2014 Rerunning
Steven Universe Steven Universe 1 June 2014 Rerunning
Clarence Clarence 29 November 2014 Rerunning
We Bare Bears Nós os Ursos 28 November 2015 Rerunning
Apple & Onion Maçã e Cebolinha 5 October 2018 Rerunning
Craig of the Creek O Mundo de Craig 10 November 2018 Currently Premiering New Episodes
Summer Camp Island Acampamento Mágico 19 January 2019 Currently on Hiatus
We Baby Bears Nós os Ursinhos 2022 Running
The Heroic Quest of the Valiant Prince Ivandoe (main series) O Destemido Príncipe Ivandoe 13 May 2023 Running
Other Warner Bros. TV original programming
Teen Titans Go! Teen Titans Go! 10 November 2014 Currently Premiering New episodes
Jellystone! Jellystone! 2021 Rerunning
Looney Tunes Cartoons Looney Tunes Cartoons 2022 Rerunning, formerly on Boomerang
Scooby-Doo and Guess Who? Scooby-Doo e Companhia 2022 Rerunning, formerly on Boomerang
Acquired programming
Doraemon (2005) Doraemon 28 February 2015 (first run)
12 June 2023 (second run)
Formely on Boomerang/Cartoonito
La Casa de los Retos A Casa dos Desafios 2019 Currently on Hiatus,

Original programming from Boing Spain

Jade Armor Jade Armor 10 October 2022 Currently Premiering New episodes
Monkie Kid Monkie Kid 28 January 2023 Currently Premiering New episodes


Title Portuguese title Premiere date Status
The Powerpuff Girls: Dance Pantsed As Powerpuff Girls: Bailarico Sem Fim 22 March 2014

Former programming

Title Portuguese title Premiere date Status
Cartoon Network Studios and Hanna-Barbera Studios Europe original programming
Dexter's Laboratory O Laboratório do Dexter 1 October 2013 Transmitted from the EMEA feed
The Powerpuff Girls As Powerpuff Girls 1 October 2013 Transmitted from the EMEA feed
Ben 10 Ben 10 1 October 2013 Transmitted from the EMEA feed
Ben 10: Alien Force Ben 10: Alien Force 1 October 2013 Transmitted from the EMEA feed
Ben 10: Omniverse Ben 10: Omniverse 1 October 2013 Transmitted from the EMEA feed
The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy As Aventuras Assustadoras de Billy e Mandy 1 February 2014 Transmitted from the EMEA feed
Over the Garden Wall Para Lá do Jardim 23 March 2015 Miniseries
The Powerpuff Girls (2016) As Powerpuff Girls 30 April 2016 Transmitted from the EMEA feed, Ended
The Heroic Quest of the Valiant Prince Ivandoe (shorts) O Destemido Príncipe Ivandoe 27 January 2018 Ended
Ben 10 (2016) Ben 10 15 October 2016 Ended
Victor and Valentino Victor e Valentino 16 September 2019 Removed
OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes 13 November 2017 Ended
Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart Mao Mao: Heróis de Coração Puro 8 January 2020 Ended
Other Warner Bros. TV original programming
The Tom and Jerry Show O Show do Tom e Jerry 1 May 2014 Currently on Cartoonito
Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated Scooby-Doo! Mistérios, Lda. 6 December 2014 Rerunned, formerly on Boomerang
Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! 12 February 2016 Rerunned, formerly on Boomerang
Justice League Action Justice League Action 11 February 2017 Rerunned
Thundercats Roar Thundercats Roar 25 May 2020 Ended
Unikitty! Unikitty 16 April 2018 Ended
Bunnicula Bunnicula 25 May 2018 Rerunned, formerly on Boomerang
Acquired programming
The Garfield Show Garfield 3 December 2013 Rerunned, formerly on Boomerang
Johnny Test Jonathan Test 3 December 2013 Rerunned, formerly on Biggs
Mixels Mixels 15 February 2014 Rerunned
Just Kidding Just Kidding 16 June 2014 Rerunned
Dragons: Riders of Berk Dragões: O Esquadrão de Berk 2 June 2014 Rerunned
Dragons: Defenders of Berk Dragões: Os Defensores de Berk 13 October 2014 Rerunned
Dr. Dimensionpants Dr. Dimensional 19 January 2015 Rerunned
Doraemon (1979) Doraemon 1 June 2015 Rerunned, formerly on Canal Panda, RTP1 & RTP2, using Canal Panda's dub
Total Drama: Pahkitew Island Drama Total: Ilha Pahkitew 29 June 2015 Rerunned
Total Drama All-Stars Drama Total: Famosos 16 July 2015 Rerunned
Cartoon Network Toys Toys na Cartoon Network 1 October 2015 Rerunned
Numb Chucks Numb Chucks 15 September 2014 Rerunned
Grojband Grojband 4 February 2015 (Post-Premiere)
6 July 2015 (official Premiere)
Rerunned, formerly on SIC K
Lego Nexo Knights Nexo Knights 21 March 2016 Rerunned
Yo-kai Watch Yo-kai Watch 16 May 2016 Ended
Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race Drama Total Apresenta: Corrida Alucinante 4 July 2016 Rerunned
LazyTown Vila Moleza 27 June 2015 Rerunned
Supernoobs Supernovatos 21 March 2016 Rerunned
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Chovem Almôndegas 8 January 2018 Rerunned
Wipeout Wipeout 2022 Ended

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