Indian National Lok Dal
ChairpersonOm Prakash Chautala
General SecretaryAbhay Singh Chautala
FounderChaudhary Devi Lal
Founded17 October 1996
Preceded bySamajwadi Janata Party (Rashtriya)
HeadquartersMLA Flat No. 47, Sector-4, Chandigarh, India -160004.
Student wingINLD Students Organization
Political positionCentre
ECI StatusState Party[1]
Seats in Haryana Legislative Assembly
1 / 90
Election symbol
INLD party symbol
Party flag

Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) is a political party based primarily in the Indian state of Haryana. It was initially founded as the Haryana Lok Dal (Rashtriya) by Devi Lal in 1996, who served as the Deputy Prime Minister of India.

The party emerged as a significant voice advocating for farmers' rights and rural development in the state of Haryana. It has played a crucial role in advocating for agricultural reforms and regional development as well. The party is generally considered to adhere to the ideology of regionalism and follows a centrist position within the spectrum of India's politics.[2]

The party is led by Om Prakash Chautala, the son of Devi Lal, both of whom have served as the former Chief Minister of Haryana. His son, Abhay Singh Chautala is the General Secretary.

On 27 January 2021, Abhay Singh Chautala had resigned as the only MLA from the party citing the BJP-led Union government’s refusal to accept farmers’ demands.[3] He was later re-elected from the Ellenabad constituency in a bypoll election on 2 November 2021.[4]Aman kumar affiliation with the Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) party.

List of Current Members and Presidents

Position Name
National President Om Prakash Chautala
Secretary General Abhay Singh Chautala
National Vice-President R.S. Choudhary, Prakash Bharti
State President, Haryana Nafe Singh Rathee
State Vice-President, Haryana Mrs. Rekha Rana, Habib Ur Rehman, Rao Hoshiar Singh, Bhopal Singh Bhati, Raj Singh Mor
State General Secretary, Haryana Mahendra Singh Chauhan, Rajesh Godara, Dr Sitaram, Om Prakash Gora, Dilbag Singh, Sunil Lamba, Rameshwar Das, Mangat Ram Saini, Naresh Sharma and Ram Kumar Aibla
State Secretary, Haryana Dr KC Kajal, Satbir Badhesara, Jagtar Singh Sandhu, Tayyab Hussain Bhimshika, Anand Sheoran, Sushil Kumar Gautam, Pala Ram Rathi, Ramesh Kumar, Ram Rattan Kashyap, Jogiram, Joginder Malik
State Organization Secretary, Haryana Ranveer Mandola
State Treasurer, Haryana Manoj Aggarwal
Chairman of the Policy and Programming Committee M.S. Malik
Chairman of the Disciplinary Action Committee Sher Singh Badsham
Office Secretary S. Nachhatar Singh Malhan
Media Coordinator Rakesh Sihag[5]

INLD Students Organization (ISO) is the official student wing of INLD. Shri Arjun Chautala is the national Incharge and Adv Raman Dhaka is the Secretary General of ISO.[6]


Chaudhary Devi Lal, following his triumph in the election for the Rori constituency to the Haryana Legislative Assembly in 1974, established the Bharatiya Lok Dal. Subsequently, the Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) emerged in 1987 after the assembly election. The electoral battles of 1982 and 1987 were waged under the banner of Lok Dal (LKD), marking a transitional phase for the party. Notably, in 1998, the party underwent a rebranding, adopting its current name.

The party's political affiliations saw it become a constituent of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA). Consequently, it contributed to the governance helmed by the Bharatiya Janata Party from 1998 to 2004 on the federal stage.

The Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) has faced a series of electoral setbacks, notably performing below expectations in each of the four successive general elections conducted since 1998.[7] It has experienced a string of defeats in the Haryana assembly elections, facing losses in the years 2005, 2009, and 2014. Moreover, despite forming an alliance with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in 2009, the party encountered disappointment by failing to secure any seats in the Lok Sabha during both the 2004 and 2009 general elections.[8]

During the 1999 Lok Sabha elections, the INLD forged an electoral alliance with the BJP in Haryana. Each party contested five out of the ten seats in the state, resulting in a clean sweep with all ten candidates securing victories. Subsequently, in 2000, Chautala clinched his fifth term as the Chief Minister of Haryana. The INLD exhibited strong performance in the state assembly elections, securing 47 out of the 90 available seats. However, following this success, the party opted to sever ties with the BJP, consequently departing from both the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) and the government. The 2004 electoral contest saw the party vying for 20 Lok Sabha seats across Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Chandigarh. Unfortunately, a majority of these candidates, numbering 14, failed to retain their deposits. Specifically, in Haryana, the INLD's 10 candidates managed to secure 22.43% of the votes. Meanwhile, in Rajasthan, 5 candidates garnered 0.52% of the votes, 4 candidates in Uttar Pradesh secured a mere 0.02%, and the sole candidate in Chandigarh amassed 6.61% of the votes.[9]

In the subsequent 2005 Haryana state assembly elections, the INLD faced a substantial setback, losing its majority by securing only 9 out of the 90 available seats. This marked a significant decline compared to the Congress party's sweeping victory, clinching 67 seats during the same electoral contest. [10] In 2009, the INLD won 31 seats.[11]

On 16 January 2013, Om Prakash Chautala and Ajay Chautala were sent jail after a New Delhi court sentenced them to ten years imprisonment under various provisions of the IPC and the Prevention of Corruption Act.[12][13][14] In the 16th Lok Sabha elections, the INLD won on two seats. Dushyant Chautala[15] was elected from the Hisar Lok Sabha constituency and Charanjeet Singh Rori was elected for a Sirsa Lok Sabha constituency.

In Rohtak at Chhotu Ram Stadium, INLD made the Guinness World Records for having supporters apply for 10,450 eye donations in 8 hours.[16][17][18] In the 2014 Legislative Assembly election, the INLD won 19 seats and became the Opposition party in the state, earning more seats than the Congress party. Abhay Singh Chautala was elected as the Leader of the Opposition in the Haryana Legislative Assembly.

On 14 April 2015, Indian National Lok Dal, Janata Dal (United), Janata Dal (Secular), Rashtriya Janata Dal, Samajwadi Party, and Samajwadi Janata Party (Rashtriya) announced that they would merge into a new national Janata Parivar Alliance.[19]

Jannayak Janta Party emerged from a split in the Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) which itself had been caused by infighting among the Chautala family. An INLD rally at Gohana in October 2018 had seen heckling of Abhay Chautala, a son of INLD leader Om Prakash Chautala for which Dushyant Chautala, a grandson, and his younger brother, Digvijay Chautala, were blamed.[20][21] The JJP was formally launched at a rally in Jind in December 2018 by Dushyant Chautala who held a seat in the Lok Sabha of the national Parliament of India, from when he was an INLD member.

For 2019 Haryana Legislative Assembly election, they forged alliance with Shiromani Akali Dal. Previously both parties fought elections together but their alliance fell in 2017 over the issue of the Sutlej Yamuna link canal.[22]

List of Chief Ministers

Main article: List of Chief Ministers of Haryana

No Name Constituency Term of office[23] Days in office Assembly


1 Om Prakash Chautala Narwana 24 July 1999 3 March 2000 5 years, 223 days Ninth Assembly

(1996 elections)

Indian National Lok Dal (INLD)
2 3 March 2000 4 March 2005 Tenth Assembly

(2000 elections)

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